Critical UPDATES COMING  Continuously Just STICK A Candle in CRISCO for Emergency Light.
1/26/18 Russel M. Nelson will be the shortest living President of the Mormon Church.
Dying before Summer, When the USA gives North Korea a bloody nose, Putin King of the North will "go forth with GREAT Fury" Daniel 11:44. "Tidings out of the EAST, NORTH Korea will start Revelation 19:11-16,19,20,21. Amen! Daniel 11:40-45 the time of the end, Putin loses. Revelation 14:14-28 tells of Christ using the Russian Sickle to reap the earth of those with the Mark of the Beast. Daniel 7:7 tells of Communism IRON Teeth, break to pieces, and 9,10 a fiery God and Judgment was set. :13 Son of Man came in Clouds.  See When a King Dies CLICK HERE 2 Clouds DOWN. Russia WANTS War CLICK HERE  Sickle CLICK HERE

News tells of -37 Below ZERO in Minnesota this week and 5 feet of Snow in Pennsylvania. See MY Vision of Cold BELOW on 9/24/17 Bitter Cold Artic Blast for Eastern USA. 30 Degrees Below Normal for year end.

   My  Dream last Friday
AM 11/24/2017  To Dallin H. Oaks, Apostle LDS Church
   I called then and they said to call Monday, 11/27/2017 Today so I did.  
Elder Oaks you do not know me, but after I crashed my plane and was in a 3 week Coma and brought home cast both legs to my toes 6 Months.
President Hinckley visited me in my home and we talked 1/2 hour.  My Dream last Friday am I was told to tell you about what will happen "Near" Christmas time.     I do not know the exact day.     Save your life and those you love in Salt Lake City.

Just GOOGLE my real name  Leland Freeborn    National Geographic Channel has a 45 minute Video about me millions have seen.  I have spoken on 5 Continents to many millions.  You can help save millions of lives I learned last Friday am.
I hope to talk to you  435-218-xxxx real #  
  10/4/17 AFTER December 21, 2017  SO SAD CLICK HERE  
   9/24/17    At 6 am. I have just had the most miserable night in years. One experience after another.
This coming 2017-18 WINTER millions will FREEZE to death. Everyone will be cold and it will be hard to sleep.
I have been awake all night seeing this coming. So do this now and prepare. No Electric POWER, no fuel to keep warm. Natural Gas, Fuel oil, Propane, Diesel, Kerosene, Coal, Wood in short supply.

Prepare Mummy bags to sleep in. 3 wool blankets at 3 # each. 6+ feet long War Surplus any source you have.
Here are some.  CLICK HERE
         Search GOOGLE for Wool Blankets.

Insulation to wrap and cover in. Buy a 2x100 foot roll and lay down on it, a six foot piece from your head to feet,  THEN WRAP it UP OVER your feet and back to your chin. 2 Feet wide to lay on.   CLICK HERE
The shiney Material Reflective on BOTH Sides of the BUBBLES will reflect 94% body heat back to you as radiant heat.
Duct Tape 2 strips 24 nches wide together for your bed. It works well a sheet, then blanket, then the SHINY Bubble WRAP 4 feet wide, then more Blankets or bedspread to keep everything in place. IT REALLY WORKS WELL.

OR You can Buy 4 foot wide ROLL for your beds.  Or bigger people.  Used for Home insulation Reflective Radiation Barrier. Reflects 94% heat back to you.  Make a BIG SLEEPING BAG, with blanket inside to absorb body moisture.   Hardware Stores or  Home Depot  and  Lowes    
            PREPARE or be VERY Cold this coming Winter
  Moving Blankets
Cheap 6 x 6+ Made in China to cover furniture when moving. They are excellent stitched and tough.    Search Google or Northern Tool for Moving Blankets   CLICK HERE

   Large 3 and 4 inch Safety Pins CLICK HERE   Lay a couple Moving Blankets DOWN. Then Insulation from your head to wrap OVER Feet and back.
Then Wool Blankets and wrap the moving Blankets OVER you like a Mummy and use Large Safety Pins to Secure the   Mummy pack.
        Google War Surplus zero Mummy Bag or see this Search Mummy Bags   

   Google Search for Mylar Blankets  or this one  CLICK HERE FOR  Mylar Blankets  With Wool Blankets Inside made into your Mummy Bag.  
Be Warm so you can sleep.   I couldn't.    This miserable night 9/24/17  I never want to experience again.   I have WARNED YOU now.  Stay warm, plan now.    I pray you will listen so my terrible night will help you to sleep warm. Bless You LISTEN to A Prophet  prepare NOW   On the Web @ 6:20 am