Numbers in Symbol

August 1995

The Great Architect of the Universe set the times and seasons according to numbers. Planets, tides, all nature evolves on numbers of God.

  • One is the symbol of unity! "As we are one."

  • Two affirms division, difference. "There were two."

  • Three means real solid, three dimensions, depth, complete.

  • Four is created (combine one and three), unity and real, solid dimension.

  • Five is Grace, goodness of God, favor, compassion.

  • Six, number of man, imperfection, without God.

  • Seven is completeness, spiritual perfection, finished.

  • Eight, perfect, above complete, new beginning.

  • Nine, judgment, conclusion, finality, complete.

  • Ten, Divine order, nothing wanting, perfection.

When you put the "9" of Judgment, times "6" number of man, ( 9 x 6 6 6) = 5994. I'll show you in future flyers many ways 666 is fulfilled. The year 5994, "Anno Mundi—Year of the World," begins in September, 1995. So we can expect judgment of man to begin anytime thereafter.
II Esdras 4:36,37
"He hath weighed the world in the balance. By measure hath he measured the times, and by number hath he numbered the times; and he doth not move nor stir them, until the said measure be fulfilled."