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The British Monarchy in power today is coming to the end. Hundreds of Nukes on Britain will kill millions there as well as the Royal family. Shiloh is coming soon, and it is his right to rule. "Oh come soon Lord Jesus."

In The Royal Seal we see
the Lions, and the Unicorn. The Harp of David, and the standing Red Lion
Lions with royal crowns.
The words: "DIEU ET MON DROIT" which are Latin and mean:  "God And My Right"
    "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE"  means: 
      "Evil be to him who evil thinks"  

Now as smart as you have become, you will be able to recognize what some of the National Symbols really are for. 
HERE IS  THE British Royal Arms SEAL 

There are some of the symbols of the children, or Tribes of Israel in places all over the world.
I will tell you more in the future, where Israel is to be gathered from.
I will show you more of the emblems for the tribes and why they are there.


Royal Banner of the King or Queen of the United Kingdom Today.

ancient Trojans were many of the tribe of Zarah. Some sailed on to Ireland, which has the RED Hand, as one of its symbols today.

Banner of Ulster Ireland. The
Zarah branch of Judah took as their symbol the Red hand in 1600 BC. so for the past 3600 years the hand with a Red cord around it has been the Ulster symbol. Belfast City has this symbol. In North Ireland.  

The Royal Banner of
Scotland The Lion of Judah was Zarah.
But made it a "Red" Lion, to remember the "Red" scarlet thread "Zarah's Cord."
They made their Red Lion stand up:     
                          Ready to fight. 

[Royal banner of England]

The Royal Banner of just England, Alone

[Presidential Standard]   David's Harp was the
National Banner of Ireland for Many Centuries
The Arms of
North Ireland today also have a Red Lion standing up. The standing Red Lion is the emblem of all of Britain today.

We also see the Red Lion in the Netherlands and South Holland today, showing some of Zara Judah
is there.
Also it can be found in parts of Wales.
They are NOT Jews, but of Zarah, a true blood of Judah, the son of Jacob-Israel.
In the USA Civil War The Irish fighters had this.

 David's Harp "Erin Go Bragh" = "Ireland forever" 
Carried by Irish Regiments in USA Civil War
CLICK HERE to learn about Erin, or Eri.

[Former flag of Northern Ireland] 
Before 1972 Flag of
North Ireland

[Former arms of Northern Ireland] [St Patrick's Cross]
Arms of North Ireland    Saint Patrick's Cross
before 1972  Gold lion            In Ireland
Judah. Deer=Naphtali.
Red Hand+Crown + Harp
Star of David = "Shield" of David ("Really")              

[The National Flag]  
The Present 2001,  National Flag of Ireland
Things change with the people, and they don't know why. Expect millions of Irish blood, to die because of apostasy all over the world.
[Flag of Dublin] Dublin Ireland City Flag, Green for the Emerald Isle, David's Harp, Castles for the tribe of Simeon spoken of in Genesis 49, and Revelation 7: 3 --9 and 14  
Now tell me? What really makes more sense, God's way, or man's way?

    Banner of the United Kingdom which includes the   
   St. Patrick's cross, for information CLICK HERE
Read below all of the flags on that link, about the British Commonwealth today in June 2001. 

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The Free'bairn' "born" 'Motto'  "Always the Same"; Silver =Sincerity;
Red= Warrior;  Gold Ring= Gold and Generosity ; Ring =Eternal;
Red Chevron= Protection and Faithful service;  Black Martlets, Ravens= Constancy, and Grief;
Red & White Cord= Zarah's Cord, and Purity; of Ulster Ireland. The RED hand.
  The Crest is a Sun = Light and intelligence to shine on all.   Learn more about me.   CLICK HERE 

                      These are all common known "Heraldry Symbols" in Europe.

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