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Myths and Lies - we have been told. Yet millions will survive

1. The USSR would never start a war, Both sides have enough bombs to destroy everyone five times over.

A. Russia has broken 24 of the last 25 treaties and, they have almost 25,000 WARHEADS (that we know of). That would kill the human race IE you could get each country in the world, to gather all their people into group areas, and bomb those areas. But that will never happen. People don't want to die.

2. A Nuclear War would mean the end of Life on Earth.
B. Experts agree that hundreds of millions will live through, and after the war. The Scriptures tell us 2/3 of humanity will live. That is Billions of People.

3. Nobody can win! Nuclear War is unthinkable.
C. Russia plans to win, they have been teaching their people "Civil Defense" and preparing for 40 years.

4. If a Nuclear War happened, our children would be mutant deformities because of radiation.
D. Only "Some" pregnant women will get a deforming dose of gamma rays. Of 70,000 pregnancies since Hiroshima in the summer of 1945 only a few dozen were damaged by the direct exposure of the fetus to radiation.

5. Nuclear War would put the earth into a "Nuclear winter," Ice age.
E. Nonsense-science has disproved Carl Sagen's THEORY. In fact science is concerned about our current "Greenhouse effect" problems.

6. The modern world would be thrown back into the dark ages.
F. People with knowledge and faith, and a desire to improve are what makes an economy. Not buildings.

7. Few people would survive, only those in far away remote areas.
G. People survived Hiroshima only a few hundred yards from where the bomb hit. True that today's bombs are much larger, BUT, everyone beyond 4 miles of the direct hit can survive, and well.

8. I don't want to survive, I would rather be dead.
H. B-S! When a bomb hits, you won't stand out in your front yard trying to soak up all the radiation in the fallout you can. It's human nature to survive. You'll be scrambling for shelter like everyone else.

9. Soviet weapons are of poor quality, they won't work.
I. They will work, and good enough to wipe out 30 to 50 Square miles each (five miles by five miles is equivalent to 25 Square miles). The Russians have reduced the size from 20-to-25 Megaton warheads to many more 1 and 5 Megaton warheads, since they have improved their accuracy (see no. 14-n).