A Time To Remember 2010     

   Editor:    (To the Saint George, Utah. "Spectrum" Newspaper December 12, 2010)
I recently saw an ad which said: "To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson. Pre-Order Today - Will ship when available. To the Rescue is the much-anticipated official biography of President Thomas S. Monson."  Most everyone in Utah knows that President Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of the LDS "Mormon" Church.  

So is God going to play a joke on the Mormons? At each Conference, the Mormon leadership is sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators. And to me it appears that God has not sent anyone of those 15 leaders "To the Rescue."
What are we to think when MILLIONS OF "Mormons" and their little children are killed with this Nuclear War on our doorstep. 

Is God the hypocrite, or someone else? Why would God reveal to a sinner in Parowan, Utah, what he doesn't to a man that has spent his life "To the Rescue" of others? And what about the other deaf/mutes who claim the same title as prophets, seers, and revelators? Are they all asleep too? How come nobody can see the signs except a crippled sinner here in Parowan. The Doctrine and Covenants 68:11 says they should know about the war coming to rescue their members.           

  Leland Freeborn i.e. The Parowan Prophet  
Please publish it as written. Thanks. Leland Freeborn
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A friend of mine sent me this email tonight 12/19/2010 about the Drudge Report that he saw today. So I am posting it on my web site. 
     He said:

It is interesting to me and of significance to mention that the title Caption below for the DRUDGE REPORT today, December 19, 2010, says:

and seems to echo the words of the Parable Leland received March 29, 1997, as another partial fulfillment of prophecy. The part below in green, being the similar portion. 
At this point it seems It will not be long before the rest of the parable is also fulfilled. 
I have included some explanation of each line of the parable below in parentheses:

"Saddam will soon die Hinckley too 

(This was fulfilled when Saddam Hussein was executed December 30, 2006 by Hanging and then about a year and a month later Gordon B. Hinckley died of old age on January 27, 2008.)

Floods and fire, the world's a zoo          (You go to a Zoo to see WILD animals.

(Since the deaths of Saddam and Hinckley we have seen floods and fire rock the world and people subject to nature's reckless abandonment - the world's a zoo! According to a report by Seth Borenstein and Julie Reed Bell of myway.com (Associated Press)-"Earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes, super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and droughts killed at least a quarter million people in 2010 - the deadliest year in more than a generation. More people were killed worldwide by natural disasters this year than have been killed in terrorism attacks in the past 40 years combined.")

A dreadful scourge, harlots are caught

(This is yet to come, a dreadful scourge being deadly radioactive fallout from sudden nuclear war that will kill millions of people worldwide. Harlots are caught - this is like being caught in the act of adultery, with your skirt(pants) down, red-handed and shamed by embarrassment.  You were warned, but you didn't listen, and then it was too late! This is how those who knew the warning but heeded it not will feel, but the price to pay will be much worse.)

The sun at night and few left to fight

(The sun at night, because the attack will occur after dark, and the light from a nuclear blast is about fifty times brighter than the sun.  Few left to fight, because the majority of men will die in this attack from direct hits or the deadly fallout afterwards, trying to save their families.)

Unbelievers will wail, children shall cry

(Children will lose their parents, Parents will wail at the loss of their children, because they were unbelievers, convinced after the fact, who would not heed the years of warnings given by God through the Parowan Prophet, one such warning being this very parable.)

Millions more wish they could die

(Millions left alive, but exposed to the deadly fallout will soon being to experience the painful effect of the  damage to their bodies because of it, and they will wish to die, but death will not come with quick relief, it will be slow and excruciating. )

Hypocrites will fight, as long as they can

(Hypocrites will fight, not realizing they are exposed to the fallout, until they drop from exhaustion and exposure, and they will not even realize they are hypocrites.)

Few too be left, down to a man

(Only those who heed the warning and prepare, with adequate shelter to protect them from nuclear fallout will survive to tell the story to their future generations.  This will leave only a few left. )

Write he said what it is to see

And the bee shall search fruit of a tree

(This line is also part of another parable written by Leland in 1984, with two other lines that follow it:
A live tree will know, that winter is past As pruners cut down, the dead branches at last, When the orchard is burned. Before blossoms are made. . ." If everything is burned, then their will be very little fruit for a bee to find. . . and only when the winter is past, will a tree begin to bloom again. The trees represent people, and their fruit would be their children. The pruners will be God's pruners, even those Angels that are waiting to reap down the fields, that we read about in Revelations, one Angel having a sharp sickle (Revelation 14) (power over death), another Angel is given power over fire (14:18 and 8:5-13 and 19:11-16) (to burn the earth), and so on.  The fallout will take from weeks and also up to months to kill millions of more people who will think they will recover, but will also die.)

Interest brings death, service is life

(Will you heed God's warning and serve Him to keep, as well as obtain the gift of life, or will you curse God and die, because you have been selfish and full of worldly desires only?)

Blind dogs that don't bark, caught in the strife

(Well did the prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah say that the leaders, pastors and shepherds of the people were asleep, even dumb dogs that won't bark.  A good watchdog BARKS at the first SIGN of trouble to warn his master.  Leland bagan barking 30 years ago. But big fat dogs who are ever fed and praised, with the support of the people are too lazy and tired, and cannot be relied upon to bark, and so the people will all be caught unawares with the strife and deadly scourge.)

Dumb sheep to the slaughter, happy they go

(Dumb sheep, or ignorant people lulled into carnal security by the devil, and their church leaders being deceived that "all is well," they trusted blind dogs, and were happy to do so.  They do not see the shackles with which they have bound themselves, and go mindlessly to their death.) Matthew 13:30 tells the TARES will be bound.  

Into the pit, a land full of woe

(The pit IS Death, and the land will be full of destruction and woe, and then will people finally realize what TRUE doom and gloom is.)

These things been foretold, long, long ago

They who won't read have no reason to know

(Though they were told long, long, ago, by all the prophets and more, for a time, still, they can be read here, now and today.  BUT, if you fail to read,  then comes the end of your seed, and you will live to die, as the result of your  thoughtless deed. )

Fuel for hell's fires, they argue with God The land of the living, no longer they trod

(Will you also argue with God and add yourself as the fuel to Hell's fire, cutting short your life because of your arrogant pride? )

O why do men think they are smarter than God

They deny their own doom, and laugh at the rod

Don't repent and give the glory to God.  

   (The truth of these things, for the wicked, are hard to see.   So, many think they are smarter than God, so they laugh at His word, they fail to repent and acknowledge God's wisdom.   Don't be fooled by the devils lies; because If you die in your sins, there's no second chance. God requires a willing heart and a willing mind.)

        That is the end of just "one" Parable Leland had spoken years ago.  

You can read both parables here:



So it is becoming more and more evident that world events are "naturally" bringing into play the things that God has foretold through one of His prophets, in these parables more than 13 years ago.  Knowledge and preparation are key to surviving these terrible events that have been forecast upon us.  One might say by such revelations as these that: "our days are numbered!"    

Leland Note: if you didn't get to see the title at: http://drudgereport.com/, December 19, 2010, you can view the page capture of it I saved in the attached pdf file.   Garrett 

Below is the screen capture of the file:

2010 World Gone WILD...

 And Australians expecting to bask in early summer sun this Christmas are instead shivering as icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean have blanketed parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria with up to four inches of snow. That is the 1st. day of summer for them. December 21st. in the southern hemisphere. So the World has gone wild. 

"And also that God hath set his hand and seal to change the times and seasons, and to blind their minds, that they may not understand his marvelous workings; that he may prove them also and take them in their own craftiness."   Doctrine and Covenants 121:12  

Read more:


Total lunar eclipse as seen from San Salvador, El Salvador last night December 21, 2010 
The Prophet Joel 2:31said the Moon would be RED BEFORE the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. So are you ready for the heathens to be destroyed?

After knocking on 50 million doors and handling tens of millions of surveys, the Census Bureau on Tuesday announced that the official population of the United States is now 308,745,538 Are you really ready for 100 million people to die in 2011? Because they will argue with God's commandments.

Revelation 8:7

"The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up."

Revelation 9:18 "By these three was the third part "of men" killed, by the fire, and by the smoke (fallout) and by the brimstone, (radiation) which issued out of their mouths." 

"In the latterdays, and I will bring thee against my land, THAT THE HEATHEN (people who have Christmas Trees) may know me." Ezekiel 38:16   Jeremiah 10:4 tells we fasten trees with hammers and nails on stands.

"And I will not let them pollute my holy NAME any more: AND THE HEATHEN shall know that I am the Lord." Ezekiel 39:7

As I have said for 30 years that many millions would die and be left unburied upon the ground. Ezekiel tell us: "And the passengers that pass through the land, when any seeth a man's bone, then shall he set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it."    Ezekiel 39:15 

Reader did you notice the 2nd. line in the Parable above:    "Floods and fire, the world's a zoo"
Las Vegas
Nevada (Sin City) has had 7 inches of rain in 3 days. 12/22/2010
California is Flooding, as will the rest of the country when Nuclear Bombs melt snow on the ground on over 1/2 of the nation.
 Psalm 148:8 said: "Fire, and hail; snow, and vapour; (fallout) stormy wind (from bombs) fulfilling his word."   "To execute Vengeance UPON THE HEATHEN and punishments upon the people." Psalm 149:7  Jeremiah Chapter 10 tells of Heathens cutting Christmas Trees out of the Forest, and decorating them like Christmas trees, the Heathens have.

Read Psalm 79 about THE HEATHEN defiling the TEMPLE and God's anger.
       OR just See what the Mormons have done.
 Also Psalm 97 about mushroom clouds, and Fire, and REJOICE.

Matthew 24:20-21 said Pray your flight is not in winter or on the sabbath day. FOR THEN shall be Great TRIBULATION. So bad it has never been since the beginning of the world.   Now that is BAD stuff.  The real true Sabbath now in 2010 has began on Thursdays at Sundown till Friday at Sundown is the Sabbath. See here below and the link I have had on for 3 years. http://www.parowanprophet.com/New%20Moons.htm  


New Moons for 2007  In 2010 it will be on Thursday April 15, in the West 8:15 to 9:47 pm Utah time here in Parowan Utah 84761 The TRUE Sabbath for the rest of the year begins every Thursday at Sundown till Friday at Sundown.
Because the 7th. day from Thursday to Thursday. God rested on the 7th. day.  http://www.usno.navy.mil/USNO/astronomical-applications/data-services/rs-one-day-us 
Exodus 12 tells when the year begins on the 1st. day of the 1st. month.

 We (8) people just saw the NEW Moon at 8:15 p.m. out West. 4/15/10 so the true Sabbath will begin every Thursday at Sundown; from tonight till a year from now. On the Internet @ 9: 03 p.m. 4/15/ 2010 updated!  

  Just a few minutes age on Tuesday March 20, 2007 from my home here in Parowan Utah at 9:00 p.m. we got these pictures of the "New Moon."  Just out in my front yard. Just that easy to keep God's commandments.

                 Venus the Star is in the upper left at 9 pm March 20, 2007 and the Moon in the lower right.

   So when the real true Sabbath begins at Sundown on Thursday, WILL  
   you be fleeing this winter on Friday, that is the Sabbath till Sundown?