May 1989 Sheet "J" Flyer

Most people in the United States don't know HOW to survive Nuclear War. Russia has been teaching it's people for 40 years HOW to prepare and survive.

Our flyers will educate people about what will happen, AND what they should do now. First, people will have to "unlearn" all the false AND foolish stories that they have heard before.

It will NOT BE the end of the world. It will not crack the earth into pieces. The atmosphere and AIR, will NOT be poisoned around the world. Millions will die (about 1/3 of the people on the earth.) BUT, I am not a pessimist, I'm an optimist, I'm planning to survive. AND you can too! BUT you will need to get ready AND be prepared.

I won't exaggerate on how bad it will be, BUT I'm telling you now, HOW to prepare AND live reasonably well. MOST of the bombs that hit the USA will be AIR BURSTS, "high" over cities, and the fireball will never touch the ground. Those bombs produce MORE damage over a larger area, BUT they produce little or no fallout.

WHEN a BOMB is low enough that the fireball does touch the surface, then the heat (millions of degrees) vaporizes everything and leaves a crater (hole). A 5 megaton surface burst leaves a hole 1/2 mile across and about 200 feet deep. That's "a 20 story building" deep hole. Those Bombs will be sent to destroy our missile silos, airfields, hydro-electric Dams that make electricity, AND our military bases. THAT millions of tons of dirt, steel, concrete, OR whatever? as it is carried up into the mushroom cloud begins to cool and forms grains of sand, grit, dust. It is all very radio-active, AND very deadly, AS it begins to fallout of the sky for hundreds of miles downwind, AND a few miles around the hole.

Because "Radiation" does Decay, it will not kill everyone. The longer the fallout is in the sky the less deadly it is. Think of a flashlight with, NEW powerful Batteries; the longer it is on, the weaker it gets. ALL fallout for the first TWO (2) Days is "very, VERY" Deadly. Plan to be sheltered for at least 1 week, 2 is better.

FALLOUT DECAY is based in the "7-10 Rule" (Remember, LIKE 7-11 stores). That rule is that for each multiple of 7 times SINCE the bomb exploded, the fallout is 1/10 as deadly. To put this into a real problem, we need to know that 450 "R" will kill about 1/2 of the people.

SO if the bomb produces 1000 R "PER hour", WHEN the bomb explodes, and you were in the fallout for 1/2 hour, you would receive about 500 R. AND that would make everyone sick AND kill 1/2 the people. SEVEN HOURS LATER, it would have decayed down to 100 R PER hour, still very deadly. (7-10 Rule)

SEVEN TIMES (7) THAT or 49 HOURS (48 HOURS IS 2 DAYS) later would have decayed to 10 R PER hour, still deadly if your exposed very long.

SEVEN TIMES LATER (2 days X 7, OR 2 weeks SINCE the explosion)

it would have decayed to 1 R PER hour, which is not healthy and could kill some people over a longer period of time.

Children who are closer to the ground get a dose WORSE than adults. WHEN the dose rate is low enough and will not kill for 10 or 15 years it is a lot better for adults who are 60 or 70 now to go out for supplies THAN a young person. Why condemn the young to die in 10 years? STAY SHELTERED UNTIL the dose rate drops to 1/2 R PER hour. Don't fool yourself, the bomb may have been big enough that the first fallout is 10 times worse than this example.

PLAN your shelter stay for "one week", at least. PREPARE NOW, because IF your out in the fallout, fixing your shelter 2 or 3 hours AFTER the bomb hits, it is 50 times worse than it would be 2 days later. There is no reason FOR a sick, painful, agonizing death if you'll get ready now.

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