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 In areas subject to fallout, about 99% of the radioactivity in water could be removed BY filtering the water through at least 8 inches of soil taken from 8 inches "Below" the surface. That soil has not been leached of the "clay" particles in the soil "needed to attract the radioactivity" in the water. SANDY soil will not work as a filter because it lacks the necessary soil "clay". Most homes and flowerbeds have enough clay in the soil to work as a filter. Kids play clay does NOT work at all. It has to be soil clay

Get yourself a 5-gallon can, trashcan, bucket, wastebasket, washtub, container. With a hammer and a nail not as big as pencil, punch about "one" dozen holes in the bottom of the can, punch the holes from the bottom up into the can. Make the holes near the center, in a ring, or circle. Wad up some coat hangers, about a dozen. Put a couple of washcloths in the bucket bottom and the coat hangers on top of them. OR you can just use a bunch of silverware, enough for 6 or 8 people. Knives, forks, spoons. You are creating a void space. Then a bath towel with the ends hanging out over the sides of the bucket. 

Put a couple of shovel full's of dirt in the bucket, spread it out even, then some more until it is 8 inches deep in the bucket. Fold-over the towel ends into the bucket, and smooth out the wrinkles. You really can't. Then a couple more washcloths on top of the waded towel. Pour the contaminated water in slowly and let it soak down through your filter creation. Put your marvelous water filter in another larger can or bucket, standing on some glasses or a couple of food cans or bricks to hold it up. Every 10 Gallons of dirty, OR CLEAN, contaminated water you need to change the soil. WHY? Answer is "BECAUSE" the "clay" in the soil has absorbed the radiation in the water and the clay can't absorb any more. Just like a sponge when it's full, can't hold any more water. "Clay" can only hold so much fallout gamma rays. You take the soil from down below the fallout out in the yard, at least 8 inches deep and you will have enough soil to filter a lot of water, to keep you alive.

If you do not get the radiation "OUT" of water, you are killing your insides and your brain won't know it for two weeks. You are dead.

Then you have to kill the germs in the filtered water, BEFORE you drink it. What is best is to prepare, like I told you on other flyers.


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So that you do not have to do all this work, see my

Water Water Water   you have to dig your well before you are thirsty.

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