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A Thought  You have heard the comment that a Picture is worth a Thousand words.  As a child we tried to make a puzzle  look like the Photo on the box.  If you did not have a Photo to look at then the puzzle is really hard.  Even with a photo, a big puzzle took a long time to put together. You have waited millions of years to come to earth to get a body and learn how to make this puzzle of life work.  This week  April  4-7, 2018   I will try to make this link with some Photos and words to make the LIFE PUZZLE easiers for people who have a BRAIN to read and THINK about what the Puzzle shows.
      Pray for understanding as you read this link.  Eternity is a longtime to have regrets about not reading and believing what God  says.

4/1/2018 The newly Sustained Prophet to almost 16 Million Mormons Russel M. Nelson said:
It is a remarkable blessing to serve in the Lord’s true and living Church with His authority and power. The restoration of the priesthood of God, including the keys of the priesthood, opens to worthy Latter-day Saints the greatest of all spiritual blessings. We see those blessings flowing to women, men, and children throughout the world.

One of the things the Spirit has repeatedly impressed upon my mind
since my new calling as President of the Church is how willing the Lord is to reveal His mind and will.
 The privilege of receiving revelation is one of the greatest gifts of God to His children.

To strengthen my proposal to Wendy, I said to her, I know about revelation and how to receive it.” To her credit—and, as I have come to learn, typical of her—she had already sought and received her own revelation about us, which gave her the courage to say yes. (To be his NEW wife).

As a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, I prayed daily for revelation and gave thanks to the Lord every time He spoke to my heart and mind.
Imagine the miracle of it! Whatever our Church calling, we can pray to our Heavenly Father and receive guidance and direction, be warned about dangers and distractions, and be enabled to accomplish things we simply could not do on our own. If we will truly receive the Holy Ghost and learn to discern and understand His promptings, we will be guided in matters large and small. Because I know that good inspiration is based upon good information, I prayerfully met one-on-one with each Apostle.  I then sequestered myself in a private room in the temple and sought the Lord’s will. I testify that the Lord instructed me to select President Dallin H. Oaks and President Henry B. Eyring to serve as my counselors in the First Presidency.
Pray in the name of Jesus Christ about your concerns, your fears, your weaknesses—yes, the very longings of your heart. And then listen! Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions that you are prompted to take.
You don’t have to wonder about what is true. You do not have to wonder whom you can safely trust. Through personal revelation, you can receive your own witness that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that this is the Lord’s Church. Regardless of what others may say or do, no one can ever take away a witness borne to your heart and mind about what is true. 
Nothing opens the heavens quite like the combination of increased purity, exact obedience, earnest seeking, daily feasting on the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon. To be sure, there may be times when you feel as though the heavens are closed. But I promise that as you continue to be obedient, expressing gratitude for every blessing the Lord gives you, and as you patiently honor the Lord’s timetable, you will be given the knowledge and understanding you seek.
My beloved brothers and sisters, I plead with you to increase your spiritual capacity to receive revelation.
Let this Easter Sunday be a defining moment in your life. Choose to do the spiritual work required to enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost and hear the voice of the Spirit more frequently and more clearly."
  I the Parowan Prophet say: Very good advice
I wish he believed the Book of Mormon. His talk will be published by the Church in the May 2018 Ensign Magazine. Will you take his advice and read the Book of Mormon and believe Joseph Smith got it from God over 188 years ago.
       CLICK HERE see him read his talk very well. You can read his word and hear his voice.
  WHY did GOD give you eyes and ears AND a brain to think and reason with your mind? WHY?  WHY? 
SO the Mormon Church Prophet has no warning of Nuclear War so do we suppose Jesus Christ WANTS HIS Church members killed; so HE can choose a people who will live like ZION. Christ said: "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." Luke 19:27   AND Matthew 4:4 "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

   And now the Parowan Prophet gives honor and credit to Joseph Smith for the Book Of Mormon, AND the thousands of words from God that makeup ALL OF the LDS "Mormon" Scriptures the Church has TODAY.   More have been revealed, BUT the Church does "NOT" have those scriptures.   They don't believe what they have now.
I will show you words and Pictures that Prove that God is correct; Dispite the opinions of any man alive. READ WHY I made this Web Site when the Internet came online.  CLICK HERE That Revelation WAS  21 years ago. Many Dozens Revelations in past 36 years. Many I have not published.  CLICK HERE ALL IS WELL

33 How long can rolling waters remain impure? What power shall stay the heavens?
As well might man stretch forth his puny arm to stop the Missouri river in its decreed course, or to turn it up stream, as to hinder the Almightyfrom pouring  down knowledge from heaven upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints.
34 Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen?
35 Because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men, that they do not learn this one lesson—

36 That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness.
37 That they may be conferred upon us, it is true; but when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify OUR PRIDE , our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; the Spirit of the Lord is grieved; and when it is withdrawn, Amen to the priesthood or the authority of that man.        Doctrine and Covenants 121:33-37 

5 But behold, verily I say unto you, that there are many who have been ordained among you, whom I have called but few of them are chosen.
6 They who are not chosen have sinned a very grievous sin, in that they are walking in darkness at noon-day.  Doctrine and Covenants 95:5-6   HOW do you
walk in darkness at noon-day?  You close your eyes so you can't see what God says.

  188 years ago WHEN the Book of Mormon was printed it foretold a modern Skyscraper.  Today it stands 28 Stories tall in Salt Lake City.   CLICK HERE CLICK HERE
   Most Mormon Church members do not know what their Founding Prophet Joseph said. They think the Church is the Kingdom of God.
 So open your shut eyes, you that are in darkness at noon-day. That is a VERY Grievous SIN CLICK HERE OPEN YOUR EYES AND READ.   Perhaps you won't have to die with Nuclear War SOON WHEN that Great and Spacious Building FALLS when a Nuclear Warhead hits Salt Lake City.     CLICK HERE
  So the Church is NOT the Kingdom of God LIKE Joseph Smith said. Then what kind of man would God call to hold the KEYS of the KINGDOM?    CLICK HERE see what kind of men God does choose.

  So if God took the KEYS of the Kingdom FROM the Church, why did he do that? Well it was fortold the MORMON Church would go after the worlds ways.

                   READ What Joseph Smith said, the Church would NOT Exist without Joseph Smith:  CLICK HERE

Joseph Smith's Teachings HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE   Mormons Don't Believe  Prophets WERE WHAT kind of men?

WHY do the people not believe the men SENT BY GOD? I have said some things that did happen in the future, and some STLL TO Come. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

  President Wilford Woodruff: "… said that THE KEYS of (OF) THE KINGDOM were held by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and John Taylor and that "when he, John Taylor, passed away, IT (THE KEYS) fell upon me, (Wilford Woodruff) FOR A LITTLE WHILE."    Millennial Star 52: 594   (For A little while, not to his death ! !)  
 He also said: "Joseph Smith continued visiting MYSELF and Others up to a certain time, AND THEN IT STOPPED. "  Collected Discourses Volume 5 page 240  Monday October 19, 1896 Weber Stake Conference, Ogden Utah.  Now you readers THINK and ASK "Why" did the Visits from Joseph stop?
Wilford Woodruff said that in 1896. 6 years "after" the Manifesto. NO Revelations FROM GOD since 1889.  See WHY the LDS cannot have Zion.   CLICK HERE                      

April 7, 1889 At General Conference he said: "The Almighty will never permit me, nor any other President WHO holds the "keys of the Kingdom" of God, TO lead you astray. Without that priesthood we have no power to administer in the ordinances of the Gospel of Christ, either for the living or the dead."  Desert News Weekly 38: 513-516

Again he said: "Joseph Smith continued visiting myself AND others up to a certain time, AND then it stopped." Spoken at the Weber Stake Conference, October 19, 1896; and quoted in Temples of the Most High page 291 AND Deseret Weekly News, Volume 53, No. 21 November 7, 1896. 
He says himself that he did not hold them until his death to be passed ondown to others. He said, he held them "for a little while."

The Prophet Joseph Smith had said: "Brethren, I have desired to live to see this (Nauvoo 1844) Temple built. I shall never live to see it. I have sealed upon you every key,..the kingdom rests upon you. If you do not do it you will be damned." 
I (Wilford Woodruff) am the 
last man living (1889) who heard that declaration. Here it, ye Israel, no man who has ever breathed the breath of life can hold these keys of the Kingdom of God and lead the people astray." June 2, 1889 Contributor 10:380-384

Almost 6 months later on November 24, 1889 he says: "I attended a meeting with the lawyers at the Gardo (House) in the evening. They wanted me to make some concession to the court upon polygamy and other points, and I spent several hours alone and inquired of the Lord and received the following revelation, given to Wilford Woodruff, Sunday, November 24, 1889. About 10 months before the Manifesto.

"Thus saith the Lord, to my servant Wilford, I the Lord have heard thy prayers and thy request, and will answer thee by the voice of my spirit. Thus saith the Lord, unto my servants the Presidency of my Church, who hold the keys of the Kingdom of God on this earth. I the Lord hold the destiny of the courts in your midst, and the destiny of this nation, and all other nations of the earth in mine own hands, and all that I have revealed, and promised and decreed concerning the generation in which you live, shall come to pass , and no power shall stay my hand.
Let NOT my servants who are called to the Presidency of my Church, deny my word OR my law, which concerns the salvation of the children of men. (The Parowan Prophet tells the muddle minded people that the KEYS THAT concern THE SALVATION of the LDS and others also the current Church Leaders don't have. Millions will DIE without warning.))

Let them pray for the Holy Spirit, which shall be given them to guide them in their acts.
not yourselves in jeopardy to your enemies by promise. Your enemies seek the destruction of my people. If the saints will hearken unto my voice, and the counsel of my servants, the wicked shall not prevail."   END "Quoting his Revelation"

That is the 1st. 8 verses of the "1889 Revelation" given to Wilford Woodruff, as is found in the Brigham Young University Special Collections Library. They have 1/2 dozen revelations BEFORE this one, BUT none after. Because he had lost the keys of the Kingdom of God. Remember in 1896 he said he had the "keys, for a little while."
It is also in the Mormon Church Historians Office, Salt Lake City in the 
Journal of Wilford Woodruff, entry for November 24, 1889
READ the Entire 1889 Revelation CLICK HERE  THE "Last" to the Church.

Brigham Young said: "
THE KINGDOM OF GOD is all that is real worth. ALL (ALL) ELSE IS NOT WORTH POSSESSING, EITHER HERE OR HEREAFTER. Without it, ALL else would be like a dry tree PREPARED FOR THE BURNING…(H Bombs)        (Journal of Discourses 8:185)      But Mormons don't believe Brigham Young, their leaders today say he was wrong, in what he said in the: (Journal of  Discourses  8:185)  
          TODAY the CHURCH Leaders say Brigham Young was wrong.  CLICK HERE

  Remember. That was "THE LORDS" PROPHET SPEAKING. What went Wrong CLICK HERE

The Prophet Joseph Smith, the chief organizer of both the CHURCH AND THE KINGDOM, well knew the necessity of "Carrying on" IN MANY MATTERS INDEPENDENT OF THE CHURCH, HE SAID:
"Brother Brigham, IF I were to reveal to this people what the Lord has revealed to me,
THERE IS NOT A MAN OR A WOMAN THAT WOULD STAY WITH ME..."    Journal of  Discourses 9:294 

             So 18 Months BEFORE the Church MANIFESTO to Stop Polygamy
Discourse Delivered by President Wilford Woodruff at the General Conference,  Salt Lake City, on Sunday afternoon, April 7, 1889. Reported by Arthur Winter.
    Brian Stuy, Collected Discourses Volume 1 page 239

   Wilford Woodruff said: 
  "But I will say this to my brethren and sisters, in the name of Israel's God: The Almighty will never permit me, nor any other President who holds the KEYS OF THE  KINGDOM OF GOD, to lead you astray. If I do not walk in the paths of righteousness and do what is right in the position that I occupy, He will remove me out of my place, or any other man who attempts to lead the people astray. The position which I occupy, and that occupied by my brethren the Apostles, should not have a tendency, if we have the Spirit of God, to make us lifted up or exalted in our spirits before the Lord. I know, as the God of Israel lives, that I have no power, nor have I had, in this Church, to perform any work pertaining to this
Kingdom until it has been given unto me BY the God of heaven. I know Joseph Smith had not, nor Brigham Young, nor John Taylor, nor any Apostle or Elder in this Church and Kingdom. And the moment that I attempt to become lifted up in the pride of my heart, because of any position that I hold, that moment I become a very unwise man. So with anyone else. The higher our position the more our responsibility. During the little time I may spend here in the flesh, I stand in need of the prayers of the Latter-day Saints, of those who have faith in God. So do my brethren that surround me. So do all the authorities of the Church. We all stand in need of the Holy Ghost and the power of God. Without this we are not qualified to fill the positions which we are called to occupy.

I know that this is the work of God. So do all you who have ever had the testimony of the Holy
Ghost with you. The God of heaven has set His hand to establish His Kingdom, in fulfillment
of the revelations of heaven which He has inspired men to declare and put on record from
generation to generation. His hand has been manifest from the beginning of the work until the present day. It will be until this scene is wound up. I have a great desire that, as a people,
we may be united in heart; that we may have faith in the revelations of God, and look to
those things which have been promised unto us. We should be humble before the Lord.
Trace the history of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, from the manger to the cross,
onward through sufferings, mingled with blood, to the throne of grace, and there is an ensample for the Elders of Israel, an ensample for all those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
In meekness and lowliness of heart He labored faithfully while He dwelt in the flesh to carry out the will of His Father. GOD HAS laid upon our shoulders and HAS SEALED upon our heads the holy and eternal Priesthood, which is from eternity unto eternity. WITHOUT THAT PRIESTHOOD WE HAVE NO POWER TO ADMINISTER IN THE ORDINANCES OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, EITHER FOR THE LIVING OR THE DEAD.
 ((((SO Today the very Proud, Self Righteous, Mormons DENY President Wlford Woodruff who LOST the KEYS the the KINGDOM to make ALL Ordinances Valid. They deny "Follow the Prophet."
I say as a Prophet, Leland Freeborn))) Written in PURPLE as a Prophet.))))

But with that Priesthood we have power to perform the work that is assigned unto us.
By that Priesthood we have preached the Gospel, we have administered in the ordinances of
the House of the Lord, and we have gathered together the sons and daughters of Zion into these valleys of the mountains." 
Brian Stuy, Collected Discourses Volume 1 page 241 

  Now those of you who have read and used your BRAIN remember that the CHURCH and the KINGDOM are "NOT" the same. WHEN Wilford Woofruff said the ABOVE talk had had the KEYS to the CHURCH and KINGDOM on April 7, 1889. 
A Year and half later on October 6, 1890 he did "NOT" have the KEYS of the KINGDOM. He still held the KEYS to the CHURCH so he could speak for the Church and Issue the Manifesto for the Church to stop Polygamy in the Church.
SOME Apostles and Other Authorities CONTINUED to TAKE more Polygamous wives after the Manifesto
. CLICK HERE  Because they got the Authority through the Kingdom.

  Read about Polygamy   CLICK HERE    A Person MUST Live Polygamy Before they can MAKE their  Calling and Election SURE  CLICK HERE 
    My Index Page CLICK HERE
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  Do you REALLY WANT to live into the Millennium?  CLICK HERE 
Have you decided yet if you want to live?

2 Nephi 28 About Nuclear War on Zion
D&C 1:12-38 Nigh, Anger of the Lord
D&C 29:7-21 Nigh, Soon, I will burn them up
D&C 45:31,41 Over flowing Scourge (fallout) blood, fire, smoke
D&C 112:24-26 Wrath, burning, Weeping, My House
D&C 64:38-40 Zion shall judge liars AND hypocrites
D&C 88:81-87 WARN the people, NO EXCUSE, Not many days hence
D&C 101:90-95 HOT Displeasure, Anger, CUT OFF unbelievers
D&C 101:43-66 Parable of Zion
D&C 97:17-26 Unholy temples, Lord's Scourge (fallout) night & day,
D&C 84:55-58 Whole Church under Condemnation
D&C 76:31-35 DENY the truth, denied the Holy Spirit

D&C 45:2 Hearken, lest death overtake you
Hymn 274 The Iron Rod is God's word, and the KEY to hang onto.

PRINT THIS OUT and show others what a Prophet said, "IF" you want anyone to live tell them to see and prepare.

The Parowan Prophet says: Cowards fear the truth. How much proof do you need to avoid the fire of hell? CLICK HERE see What was Foretold

Do hypocrites believe Joseph Smith?
Monday 1/25/99 @ 5AM I have just had a dream where a friend of mine told me of a dream he had about 155 years ago. Just before he was killed. I will try to get it on the net later, when I finish with my meetings and appointments. British friends it is Noon now. CLICK HERE to SEE the dream what is done so far 10:45 PM
   Do hypocrites believe Leland Freeborn?   

11 Nathaniel saith unto him, Lord, when wilt thou come again to walk upon the earth? 12 Jesus answered and said unto him, In the last days, in the days of wickedness and vengeance, I will come again, clothed in the glory of my Father, with the saints who have been lifted up, that I might reign upon the earth for a thousand years. Then will the righteous dead, who remain in their graves, be raised up and those who remain in the flesh will be caught up to meet me at my coming.

13 James saith unto him, when thou comest in glory, will the heavens and the earth be destroyed according to the prophecies?

14 Jesus saith unto him, at the time of my coming all mankind, save the saints who tarry, will be in commotion and fear at the vision of the glory of God. And surely I will sweep the earth with my glory so that every corrupt element will be consumed and the earth will have peace for a thousand years.

15 Then will heaven and earth be one, for God will reign in the midst of his people and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord of all. Behold, before that time shall be days of great tribulation, for Satan shall exercise his power upon all flesh, and some will receive it, and both men and women will see visions and dream dreams and know that the coming of the Lord is nigh.

16 At that day will I do a mighty work for the redemption of Zion, for I will send my messengers before my face, through whom I will restore all things. Nevertheless, the power of Satan shall resist him and shall mar him, for his blood shall be shed as a testimony against that wicked generation, but they have no power to destroy him for the life of my servant is in mine hands. Therefore will I raise him up from the grave, even as I have been raised up by my Father, and he will minister in glory to the consummation of his work.

17 Behold, his heir shall be a priest of the Most High, clothed in the power of his priesthood, and I shall reveal unto him all things necessary for the restoration of that holy order which was in the beginning. The heavens will be opened unto him and from the heavenly temple shall come upon him sanctification.

18 The Father’s voice will be unto him and the glory of the most High shall rest upon him, for he shall receive the Spirit of understanding and the power of sanctification, and he shall give the mysteries of godliness unto his sons to all generations.

19 His seed shall extend to the end of the earth and through his Priesthood shall the knowledge of the Holy One come unto the ends of the earth. In his Priesthood shall sin come to an end and he will lead the saints to eat from the Tree of Life and receive the Spirit of holiness.   Given 36 years ago.  Do you believe yet?

                  I have been wrong AS other Apostles have. CLICK HERE                                                                                   WHY   WHY    WHY      CLICK HERE 
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