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July 2006 Photo's 
              At my Home at  111 East - 100 North,  in Parowan, Utah 84761-1000
Questions:  How many wives do you have?  None of your business.       www.GodsStones.com  

Video on THYROIDGUARD CLICK HERE or email me:  leland@parowanprophet.com            http://www.thyroidguard.org    How many kids do you have?         None of your business. 
                    How much money do you make?    None of your business.
                    How many kids will you have in the future?        Read my flyers, and you will know, the answer is there.
                    Do you all live together?                 That too is none of your business.  
I don't want to be rude, but those questions have nothing to do with your salvation.  The real question you want to know is how much sex do I get.   None of your business. They who are mine know. As they who will be mine in the future will know. They will know who they are.   
              Shame on you for asking those questions.  I know what you are thinking.    And yes I do live at 6000 feet , just 13 miles from Brian Head Ski Resort at 9600 feet. The Ski Resort is about 1/2 mile below the Peak at 11, 307 feet high.
                   Find My house in the Winter. CLICK HERE to see it in the winter.

What is Mighty and Strong ?  CLICK HERE             Do you know? CLICK HERE    
   What Kind of Men are Prophets? CLICK HERE  
See what God has chosen.   http://www.parowanprophet.com/Polygamy_And_Mormons/prophets_were.htm    

CLICK HERE to see more, OR Facts Won't Matter?

I live just 1 Block from Main and Center streets. In the middle or center of the town picture.
The Little Salt Lake is in the background, beyond the farmland. 

 See our little town. Only 2700 people. www.parowan.org  Just 13 miles from home is the Ski Resort of Brianhead.  http://www.brianhead.com/  Ski and Snowboard.
   1/2 hour from home is Cedar Breaks National Park  http://www.eastziontourismcouncil.org/cbreaks.htm 
        20 miles South of Parowan is Cedar City Click below:  http://www.cedarcity.org/    
                   One hour East of Parowan is Bryce Canyon http://www.nps.gov/brca/index.htm  
                              90 minutes South is Zion national Park http://www.utah.com/nationalparks/zion.htm