Testimony of Sam he sent me late in April 2009; I asked him to put it on my site.

The History and Testimony of Samuel Shaffer
by himself First Written 2008, Revised April 2009


            This is an account I have kept of the beginning of my involvement in the Glorious work of the Kingdom of God on earth. I wrote this account with my own hand as these events have unfolded before my very eyes. I have written it from my perspective with only a few revisions. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that this record is true as I now live and pondering upon it brings joy to my whole being.

            I have been prideful and wicked and I marvel at God's mercy in revealing these things to me. My message is to have Faith, Repent, and join God's Kingdom through Baptism, which Kingdom is lead by Jesus Christ through his Prophet Leland F. Freeborn. And then to keep on the strait way and continue to repent until you make your Election Sure, which thing I have not completed at this time. I pray to God I might be equal to my day and continually humble myself unto Repentance. 
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Chapter 1.

Prelude to the Work

My story begins far away in Cassville Missouri, in October of 2004.
         I was on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the time of this first experience. At that time I knew little of the Ways of the Lord my God.
I had retired to bed and while asleep the spirit came upon me for I had desires to know my eternal state, and condition before God. I saw many Visions in my dreams that night but the last was the most important. I found myself in a real hurry; I was limping down a very big and wide paved road in a barren wilderness. A light began to appear over the horizon behind me, and I knew my time was almost up to remain alive. I had to get to where I was going but my leg was seriously injured.
I limped faster and faster down the great dark highway, my legs hurt very badly, but more than anything I wanted to get to where I was going before the light consumed me. The light grew so bright behind me; I was soon almost engulfed in it. In despair and in pain I fell to the ground near the side of the road by a pole of wood. I hugged the pole for dear life, expecting in that moment to be destroyed! I then looked up, and I saw a personage walking towards me in a cloud of light.
His personage was so glorious I could hardly look at him.

            I couldn't see his face at first because of the brightness, but marveled at his beautiful temple clothes. He had on a blood red Priesthood robe. His miter was a crown of light! His apron and sash were gold and the rest of his vesture was perfect and white. Then an emotion of excitement and fear hit my heart, piercing me to the center. In that moment I either remembered or heard this scripture, I am not sure which, it said, "Wide is the way that leads to death, but strait and narrow is the way that leadeth unto Eternal Life!" (Matthew 7:22, 23.) I then saw his face as he walked passed me!

I raised my hands and with tears exclaimed "My Lord and my God." He had a rather large yet middle-eastern looking nose. His skin was fair and his eyes were bright and blue. He had beautiful hair, which was slightly curled. I cannot remember to this day whether it was white or blondish, as his personage was so bright I could not tell. He walked right past me and continued on. I suddenly no longer had any pain in my legs and I began to arise, holding onto the pole. As I reached up the pole I felt something to hold onto. I noticed a small path like a hiking trail that stretched on through the valley before me which Jesus was walking on. I began to follow him and I awoke. I don't know if I saw more which was taken from my mind or if I really did awake at this time. This vision has always stayed with me. I know I have seen him. I know Jesus is the Christ the son of God.
I say this in the name of him who I saw, Jesus Christ, Amen.
     This Dream received by Samuel W. Shaffer in Cassville Missouri, October 2004.

            I had a desire for the work at this time, but because of my pride and wickedness I would have rejected the everlasting Gospel. The subtle craftiness of wicked men and the devil kept me in the darkness. I wandered looking for truth, not knowing where to find it. (Joseph said: “Many are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.” Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith page 146)
     Nothing else pertaining to my salvation happened save my marriage to Carolyn, for about 4 years. Until the January 15th. Winter of 2008, when we where happily living in Orem Utah. We attended a dead end ward (Congregation), and I was concerned more than usual about my eternal well fare. I had gone as far as I could in the Church, and did everything I was asked to do and yet I wasn't progressing like I knew I should. 

        One evening I visited the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, to pray about what was next.
I did an Endowment session in the temple and went into the Celestial Room. I was the last one through the veil and amazingly found myself alone in that room. I sat on a chair facing the Western window. As I was in that Celestial Room I asked God my Eternal Father what he would have me do next, and what I had to accomplish to progress.
As I was looking up at the window on the west side of the Room, I heard a Voice as audible as a Man's and as powerful as rolling thunder, but still, soft and kind.
It was the voice of the Lord for so surely did the Spirit witness. He said:

1 My son Samuel, If thou wilt enter into mine new and everlasting covenant ye shall not fail,
save through the shedding of innocent blood.

2 Therefore what have you against mine ordinances? Have I not commanded you to enter into the same?

3 And why are ye afraid to enter into this covenant? Even the Law of Plural Marriage. For if ye have already entered into the new and everlasting covenant like ye suppose, than you cannot fall by obeying my other commandments.

4 But ye have not entered it. For I have revealed unto you this law, and ye must live the same or ye must be damned, for this is my word.

5 Fear not, for present political powers shall soon be no more. And mine anger shall be poured out upon all nations. Amen.  (Revelation received by Samuel W. Shaffer in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple Celestial Room January 15th 2008)

       I went down the stairs into the dressing room, with a solemn feeling around me.
I had just heard the Voice of God! Awe and gratitude filled my whole being.
The heavens, had been closed to me, I had never heard the voice of God before, in my whole life and in one moment my most graceful God of Israel opened the heavens for a moment to talk to me.
He called me by name and gave me Commandments from Heaven. I drove home in silence, pondering on what had just happened. I walked in the door, and my wife asked if I was okay, seeing the countenance on my face. I said "better then ever." She then said,  "While you were gone the Spirit told me something you might not like." I said, "what?" She said, "I got the feeling that we have to be Polygamists." I hugged her really tight and said, "okay."

       After this experience I began to look at others who practice this principle of polygamy.
I was acquainted with some on my mission who were members of the Apostolic United Brotherhood, AUB or “Allred” group. I was satisfied however that they did not have true Prophets. Seeing that the ones I had met, including one of their top seventies didn't know much more then I did, and that their Prophets had never written a Revelation.

       I began to realize that any man who was a Revelator must Reveal! And any man who was a Prophet must Prophesy! This also expanded my true understanding of the state of the Church. I had never in my entire life heard a President of the Church nor any of the Apostles give a "Thus Saith the Lord" Revelation. So I said to myself, "Is it as in the days after Malachi when Israel had not heard the voice of their God for generations? I lowly and simple Samuel Shaffer had heard the voice of God, and I could not deny it! But whilst all around me were men who people said were Prophets who had not. I continued my search, and every group I studied had nothing to show for themselves, no revelations, no visitations or prophecies!

       In the past I had read things on the Adam God Doctrine and other sorts of deep doctrine, the church no longer taught. I started thinking to myself, if Polygamy is true and right, then what about all these other sorts of things? I read Journal of Discourses vol. 1 page 50 again. Which talks about how Adam came down in the beginning to this earth with a Celestialized body and ate of the fruit which made him with mortal blood in his veins, so his children would be mortal. 

So Brigham revealed, that Adam had lived on another planet and had received his Resurrection and Exaltation before he even came to our earth. And that with his resurrected body he was the Father of our Spirits. Which Mormon's call Heavenly Father, the God we Worship. After reading and praying about these things, I got a witness of the Spirit about their truthfulness just as I knew the Book of Mormon to be true by the power of the Holy Ghost. Dear reader, as I unfold my story to you, pray in the name of Christ if these things are not true. (Moroni 10:3-5)  Pay Attention and CLICK HERE

Chapter 2

Finding the Lord's Anointed

      One day a few weeks later, I was sitting at my computer and I suddenly remembered a quote I had read many years ago by Brigham Young. It just popped into my head like it was placed their as a clue to my dilemma. It said,

"The time will come when this people will be led onto the very brink of hell by their leaders, then the one mighty and strong will come to set the house of God in order." (Brigham Young at the Provo, Utah Bowery Conference in 1867)

        I suddenly decided to look the quote up to see if there was anything else of interest about it.
I typed it into Google and hit Enter.
The very first Site on the list was
I clicked on it, as such sites had interested me in the past, and I always loved to hear the next crazy thing. As I read it, I realized it was not like any site I had ever read before. It was packed to the brim with truth. And the guy who wrote it was frank and to the point. When the night came I was still reading, I had hardly eaten or stopped at all. My wife came and asked if I was going to come to bed. I said "Honey, I just have to read a little more." I read and read. And finally light began to come through the windows and my wife came out of the bedroom. "have you been up all night?" She asked. I only nodded my head and said, "I must keep reading." I read it for three strait days with little breaks and only a few hours of sleep.

       I felt the spirit come over me so powerfully, I had tears of gratitude for the things I was learning. I was surprised and excited to see Thus Saith the Lord Revelations on his site.
http://parowanprophet.com/Flyer_And_Document_List.htm#Revelations  I read them right down the list, and as I read them the Holy Ghost bore witness to me that they were true. See what happened in the Garden of Eden, http://parowanprophet.com/permission_from_heaven.htm

       I decided I had to contact this Man of God somehow, so I immediately started looking for contact information on the site. I located an emailing address and sent him a letter. In the letter I asked if he had heard of the positive effects of Japanese messo soup on Radiation poisoning, as there is a lot of survival information on the site regarding Nuclear War. He wrote back a kind letter saying he had not, and thanked me for the inquiry, signed Leland. I immediately wrote him back and asked if I could possibly come visit him. Leland replied, yes, and informed me it would take 3 1/2 hours to get there from Orem. I didn't waste a moment. I packed my bags and put them in the car. I told Carolyn that I loved her and that I should be back in a day or two, as I have to investigate this Prophet in Parowan. She was very supportive and waved bye as I drove away.
He said that I would get there in 3 1/2 hours but I said to myself, "Parowan is only just past Beaver, I can get there in 2 and a half easy! I looked at the clock before I left, and didn't look at my watch again until I got there. Once I got onto the highway just south of Provo my drivers side window suddenly fell down into my door, I said Oh man! It was really windy so from then on I could only drive about 65 MPH. I filled up on gas in Fillmore and once I got into Parowan I had a hard time finding his house. Once I pulled up in his driveway. I looked at my watch and it had been 3 1/2 hours, to the second!
I couldn't believe it! It must just be a silly coincidence I thought.

       As I approached Leland's Front door a feeling of excitement grew, but I didn't know why. As far as I knew he was just some Fundamentalist I was interested in the teachings of, and got Revelations like me. It was a pretty old pioneer house, with a pillared porch.  Last photo at bottom. CLICK HERE

I went up and rang the door bell. Nothing happened so I opened the screen and knocked on the door. I waited for some time and knocked again. I thought I saw a light through the screen and window of the door, in the front room that wasn't there before, so I knocked again thinking for sure someone would hear me this time. But I waited and looked down, when I looked up again the light had subsided. This happened once or twice more, and I started to loose heart. I said to myself, I came here to meet the Parowan Prophet and that is what I am going to do! I knocked once more and an old man opened the door.
He smiled and said "Oh, I almost forgot you were coming. And chuckled a bit."

       He invited me in, and as I walked over the threshold he shook my hand. In that moment I felt a feeling I hadn't felt for a long long time. I had an instant flash back to when I was a young man.
I had gone to the Manti Temple, to do baptisms for the dead. Baptisms for the dead is an ordinance Mormon's perform in behalf of their ancestors who have died, and it is something a youth of 12 years of age may participate in.
       While I was there in the Temple waiting room an old man who was a worker in the Temple wanted to show me something. He opened a vault that was in the corner, on the west side of the waiting room and came out with two swords in his hands. He explained that they were the original Nauvoo Legion swords of Joseph and Hiram Smith. There was a Legion organized in Nauvoo in early Church history to which Joseph was the General. The purpose of the Legion was to protect the saints who had been persecuted and to keep the City of Nauvoo from being attacked. I admired Hiram's first and saw the beautiful ivy engraving on the blade. I saw that they were both made very well. Next I handled Joseph's sword, I placed my hand on the handle and unsheathed it. As I touched the handle of the sword, I felt something like a shock and could feel what I thought to be the feeling of Joseph's Presence around me. As I shook Leland's hand I felt the exact same feeling, as when I had touched Joseph's sword, and could feel his presence. He brought me into his study and told me to have a seat. He had two comfy recliner arm chairs and I sat in the one he gestured towards. It was not a minute before Leland said. "Samuel, you have shaken the hand of the man that has held the hand of Joseph Smith." This Testimony was beyond refutation alone, for I had not told him a thing about my feelings years before in the Manti Temple.

       He then said, "So you think I am an apostate don't you?" I said, "No, not really."
He smiled and said, "Oh you don't huh?" And I said, "No." We continued to talk and he told me so many doctrines that I had either been thinking of, or answered life long pondering of my own in just an instant. He began to tell me things about the Second Anointing. The Second Anointing is an ordinance performed by God himself. It is when he trusts you with the whole Gospel plan and anoints you with oil to be a King and a Priest to rule and reign in the house of Israel forever. I had studied the subject for years, yet I learned more about it in only a few moments in Leland's presence, than in all my years of study. I knew that the only men who could expound such things with that level of accuracy, could only be they who had received it. Leland testified that he had seen Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith face to face, and shaken their hands, and had their hands upon his head. As he told me these things, my heart within me burned with a testimony of what he said to be true. He explained the doctrine of polygamy and the necessity of three wives for one's Calling and Election Sure in a beautiful way. He expounded upon the subject of Father Adam and unfolded things to me that I knew to be true, yet had never put together. The Spirit rested upon us and I had never heard such a fountain of truth in all my life!

       While I sat talking to Leland in the Study, a knock came at the study door. Leland said, "come in." And a tall, noble, blue eyed and brown haired fellow came in. Leland introduced him to me as Tyler. We said hi, and we took a brake to get something to eat. During this time we were in the living room, when another knock came at the front door, and a man named Garret stepped in and said hello.

       After I was introduced and visited for a bit. Leland turned to Garret and said. "Sam's driver side window has fallen down into his door because the front bracket is broken, would you go fix it for him?" He nodded and went out to my car. He took the door apart and indeed it was the front bracket! I hadn't even told him about my window! And I didn't even know it was the front bracket myself.

       I went back in and started to talk with the Prophet again. He told me things about myself, only I, or people who knew me well could possibly know. He told me God had shown him these things and he counseled me on many things, including not to tell people more than they are ready to hear. Which indeed is a problem of mine. He prophesied when it would rain and when it would stop to the moment and many other things, that proved to me he had the spirit of Prophecy. Since that time, I have seen dozens and dozens of his Prophecies fulfilled to the letter. I know Leland is a Prophet of God, and truly has seen what he says he has seen.

       That night Leland said, "I am going to inquire of the Lord about you." I said, "Okay, goodnight." I went out to the living room to make my bed on one of the several Couches that had a "Hide a Bed" in them. . The study was next to the living room and his room was through the study at another doorway. I made my bed and was about asleep, when a light began to appear in my room. I was not sure if it was a spiritual light or a physical light. I did not really see it with my physical eyes but with some other eyes as it were my spiritual ones. It increased until it was very bright. My heart was beating hard as I was not sure if I was about to see an Angel or a Vision. It was the whitest light I have ever seen, white far more than driven snow, like white flame. The light remained for about 3 and a half hours and then subsided. The next morning I went into the study and Leland was sitting there with a glowing smile about him. I asked him what the Lord said and he turned to me and began to speak. What came out of his mouth touched on many parts, that I know are from the Lord. What I have seen and felt I cannot deny. I believe this is only the beginning. The Lord is about to call many prophets, to call repentance unto this people, as in all other dispensations of the earth.

       I pondered upon a doctrine Leland had taught me, that I had known but had forgotten. He showed me that there is a separate baptism into the Kingdom of God, as well as a baptism into the Church. Documented History of the Church 4:586 and Journal of Discourses 18:160; 18:241; 6:122

Brigham Young said: "About this time came a revelation concerning baptism for the dead.
I know that in my traveling and preaching, many a time, I have stopped by beautiful streams of clear, pure water, and have said to myself, "How delightful it would be to me to go into this, to be baptized for the remission of my sins." When I got home Joseph told me it was my privilege. At this time came a revelation, that the Saints could be baptized and re-baptized when they chose, and then that we could be baptized for our dear friends, but at first it was not revealed that a record should be kept of those who were baptized; but when he received an additional revelation to that effect, then a record was kept. Hundreds and thousands, I suppose, were baptized before any record was kept at all, and they were baptized over, and a record kept of the baptisms and the names of the administrator, those who acted for the dead, and of the dead, and of the witnesses. You can read in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, the letter that Joseph wrote when he was away from home in regard to having witnesses at these baptisms. I relate this to show you that the Lord did not reveal everything at once; but I need not dwell on this any longer." (Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. [London: Latter-day Saints' Book Depot, 1854-1886], 18: 241 - 242.)

"And now I speak concerning baptism. Behold, elders, priests, and teachers were baptized; and they
were not baptized save they brought forth fruit
 meet that they were worthy of it. (Elders baptized!)
2 Neither did they receive any unto baptism save they came forth with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and witnessed unto the church that they truly repented of all their sins."  Moroni 6:1-2

       That day I told Leland I wanted to be baptized into the Kingdom. He thought about it for a moment, and said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Please, I know what you have taught me is true. I know you are a Prophet and a Priest after the order of the Son of God, and I believe all you have said."

       "Sounds good." He said. We arranged a time with a local motel to use their hot tub for that purpose. I asked Garret to baptize me. He stepped into the water and dedicated it for the purpose of baptism. I then stepped into the water and we got into position.
He raised his hand to the square and said. "Samuel Warren Shaffer, by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood I baptize you preparatory to receiving further ordinances in the Kingdom of God. And do it in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen." I then went into the water, and it seemed some time passed and then I come up again. Suddenly I felt cleaner and more pure then I ever had. Garret then un-dedicated the waters for that purpose. This was a Baptism into the Kingdom, not into a church. Like George Q Cannon said,

"You well informed Latter-Day Saints know that there are two powers which God has restored in these last days. One is The Church of God, the other the KINGDOM OF GOD. A man may belong to the KINGDOM OF GOD and yet not be a member of The Church of God."    (Journal of Discourses 20:204)

       Hence the different Baptismal wording, into the Kingdom. I am still a member of the Church in good standing as far as I am concerned. And I intend to remain that way unless the Church rejects me, but now I am also a member of God's Kingdom on earth. I know this work is of God, I know his Kingdom has began to roll forth as Prophesied in Daniel Chapter 2. I know Leland is the stone cut out without hands, no man has helped God call this Prophet, and I know this Kingdom will roll forth until it rules over all nations.

       We went home to Leland's, dried off and changed. We then held a meeting in which Leland told us some precious things of the Kingdom. Finally he bade me come sit in front of him. I did so and Leland placed his hands on my head, Tyler, Garret and Jim also joined him. He blessed me that I would receive the Holy Ghost with power. And also prophesied of my life in the future. The Lord again urged me not to teach more than people were ready to hear. And pronounced many blessings upon my head. He also said God was watching when I got my Endowments, and that even though they were not complete, God would hold me to my covenants. He ended in the name of Jesus Christ, and said Amen. During this blessing I felt the power of God like I never had before.
As he blessed me to receive the Holy Ghost, a conduit opened as it were in my head strait to the Celestial worlds. My mind and being were filled with light! And understanding and enlightenment filled my whole body as with fire. I had never experienced the Spirit so strong in all my life. After that experience I have felt the Holy Ghost constantly attending me like I never had before in the Church. That one experience has changed my life forever!  =====    CLICK HERE PART 2