WHEN NUCLEAR WAR BEGINS: Priority list - What you have to do!
Get out of the fallout. Within hour. = 30 minutes!
2. Have water for your stay 1 Gallon PER person, per/day =14gallons at least. Click here: Water Water WATER
3. Sanitation, Garbage bags, trash can. Lots of toilet tissue. LOTS of Tissue.
4. Food, bowls, cups, Essentials of: salt, soda (arm & hammer), jell-O. To Keep vomits alive, 1 teaspoon salt & AND, TEASPOON SODA PER quart of water. Jell-o to flavor it, pancake syrup, make it drinkable.
5. Blankets, candles, matches, Guns and ammo, FOR your safety. 6.Communications and news information must be established.  7. Medical staff must be appointed. People who understand the symptoms of radiation sickness and treatment.         
How to treat burns, cuts, etc. 8. Bleach, soap, diseases can spread. Wash dishes 1 spoonful bleach per quart of water.
9. Security, Police Force, for yourself for your protection.  10. Social and religious order must be established. Prayer.
TEN fingers and 10 things that must be done. Organize people to get things accomplished. First things 1st.
1. Exposures must be recorded. When anyone gets to 10 R they cannot go outside anymore. 2. Anyone entering the shelter "must" be swept clean of fallout. The shoes must not track in fallout dust. If they can have them shower, and change clothes. Cut holes in bed sheets and put them on like a Ghost if you have to, but keep the fallout outside. Not on the clothes in your shelter.
. Someone must control Safety, Security, Sanitation. 3"S"s They say where people can "camp" in your shelter area and relieve themselves. Pee! Have fires, not be exposed to radiation. Etc. 4. Someone must be in charge of ventilation, and secure a fresh air supply of 3 cubic feet per minute per person air flow. 5. Do not confiscate food or personal items. People will learn to share. A common bond of survival will develop. 6. Few AM-FM radios will work. Most of those stations will be off the air. Try to listen "near" noon time. That is when some of them will power up for a broadcast. Tune to 640 AM & 1240 AM in Emergencies. Those channels will broadcast. Listen "near" Noon. Short-wave Radios WITH batteries will be all that works most of the time. Don’t run the batteries down. Listen evenings, AND late at night when broadcasts are clearer. Buy the best you can afford and get headphones with it. That takes less power and the batteries last longer. Don’t "bull shit" people, plan on a two week stay. Knowledge is the KEY to survival. IF you have "keys" you can live when millions without the keys to know, what to do to protect themselves will die. 7. Expect depression, hopeless feelings, denial, scary times. 8. Get into a routine, whatever circumstances you are in. 9. Study and discuss the 1st.5 books in the Bible & all of the New Testament.  10. Realize terrible guilt and anger & shame will be common. Some Stress signs, this is not the end, just a terrible war. The great millennium is to be after this war. Keep up your hope. God rules. TEN toes, of order if you want to walk out aliveIF the people that I give this "LIST" to will make 25 copies to pass out then 2500 people will have some knowledge, what to do. IF those 2500 people will make 25 copies to pass out = 62,500 people will know. IF those 62,500 people make copies = 1, 562,500 people know. See the Internet
FOR "FREE Information" To Survive