nuke.gif (34688 bytes)  See Mike blow up

   The 1st "H" Bomb was called "M"IKE because it was a "M"egaton explosion. Mike also was the 1st. "Thermo-nuclear" explosion, which means it had to have "Heat" or "Thermo."  It happened on the Devils Day,    October 31, 1952.  Halloween 1952.    It vaporized 3 of the 23 islands in the Marshal Islands. Mike was 10.4 Megatons, and made a crater well over 1 mile across and as deep as a 15 story building. That fallout went hundreds of miles downwind, and in later years 1 /3 of the people on other downwind islands got cancer.

In 90 seconds it was over 10 miles high. One half hour, (30) minutes later the Mushroom cloud was 60 miles across. So you can see now what 10 Megatons looks like.               Here is a photo of MIKE

Actual photo of Mike CLICK HERE Here This takes a few seconds to load, but very beautiful.