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Trump WINS again @

WHEN President Trump IS RE-elected, then watch the RIOTS Grow as I said in 1994= 26 years ago.

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Militias Needed Said in 1995 = 25 Years AGO NOW August 2020

Who Believes God can talk but the Parowan Prophet Revelations: SOURCE at the bottom. 18 Prophecies made back in 1994 = 26 years ago.

My 2nd Prophecy on the list: "Failure of Banks and insurance companies in the U.S."

3rd Prophecy: "Entire cities sinking into the earth."

4th Prophecy: "A terrible revolution in America." What you saw in LA of the Rodney King riots in April 1992, is a drop in the bucket of what will happen.

5th Prophecy Mobs, Riots, and famine in various states." (RIOTS begin with Charlottesville VA, August 12, 2017 Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, St. Louis Missouri. Dallas,

6th Prophecy "A Soviet invasion of America with more than 100 million dying in the United States."

Source said BACK in 1994 and a TOTAL of 18 Prophecy's

July 30, 2020 Food shortage

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Like the number 13 is Special the the USA WHY? Prostitutes Believe God laughs Where From Targets AND Signs of the Times NO ZION The TRUTH FALLOUT SHELTERS FALLOUT VISION WHITE People Rejoice

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