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  I hope you find a basement shelter before April  when the "True" Passover begins.
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You who have heard me speak on the radio in many states need to ask your stations for another show. Millions still don't know what you know and will die in ignorance. They could be helped with information.
Please help others if you want to have God help you.  
MIGRATIONS OF ISRAEL MAPS CLICK HERE And see where your ancestors traveledCLICK HERE see EMP  That will kill your computer. Instant Access to Information click hereEvery time you come here you need to look at other pages too. Your life needs that protection. 
         Get a Lecture in your area. 

Understanding Isaiah #1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   Prophet's Proverbs      Utah Targets Click Below. http://www.webpal.org/webpal/d_resources/states/ut.htm
In December the USA Celebrates Nimrod's Birthday. Sunday 11/24 ABC movie why I did this link Why? Bias!     Today 1/11/03 I have seven (7) flyers done how to make your calling and election sure.
  They start next week. Over 100 pages of information.Parowan Prophet, INDEX FILES, End-Time Prophecy             Tribes Series 
Calling & Election Sure 1   3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10  
CLICK Series
Sunday 2/8/04 "60 Minutes" Dumb Rapture CLICK HERE Why are you afraid CLICK HERE 
Scroll down to: Who has a real right to rule? August 2nd. edition. 
 See the History of this man CLICK HERE 
  Meet the Prophet  CLICK HERE  
 Moon Today CLICK HERE 
Passover CLICK HERE 4/6/12
 Summer Cooking Very Cheap
 To educate you, what the FUC  -   -  K  Mormon said:   
got shot.


Dec 21, 2005  US/Eastern
Pope Benedict XVI resembled a
 clean-shaven Father Christmas

This should open your eyes. If you love Jesus Christ.

  Some Muslim Facts
  from World NEWS.
   Shocking Stories 
   everyone should  
   know about.
      Know This
       The truth. 

Do you want to live? Then Keep the commandment. 
  Israel's Tribal  
Birthstones Here 

      Truth 12/26/12  America

ARE YOU really a Christian? OR really a Muslim like Obama CLICK HERE 1/28/12 32 Years ago I foretold "Persian Gulf" War about to begin again soon. 

UPDATE:12/26/12  Truth Last Warning   Tabernacles and War in December  Boom!-Proof Visions Video The Obvious  To You People  "IF"  Hell Is Please Explain Attack SUU Imminent story Where did this Prophet come from? The Law of Moses  Black & White  Did God Know?    Elijah   What Time is it "Really?" = 2016  NOW    New Revelation 8/30/2011 God is Eloheim   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKiRDcCywqw&feature=related   http://www.youtube.com/user/OneWithTheTruth    I am Leland FREEborn = Here   John Taylors vision http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KK4KUDP0V4&feature=related = Here     Discrimination   Just One vision of Leland FREEborn Here More of FREEborns Visions Here    Nukes  On Heathens    YOU need to see this.  So who kills the Lawyers The End UN-believers  ?? Note to Utah Governor What they say. When a King Dies A Time To Remember  Let the Consequences follow. Why God will burn the heathen.  October 4, 2010 Revelation Open YOUR EYES Tabernacles,   4 Month's till the "near" Christmas attack- so you need to read the Peacemaker here! Tell mewhy? Once Upon a Time Millions Disagree Now Part 2 Readers Understand This   WHEN The Test  Revelation 11/29/09 Christmas Noise Is God calling You? Know this! Member Revelations   Brian's Shelter Construction, read it all Letter to Don  Testimony of Sam  AVOW  UTube  The Mormon's don't Believe   Friday March 27, 2009 New Moon   Passover 
Do people believe Men or Women Prophets? Hey do you want Fallout to Passover you?
  God is very Patient  Gaza   Last Minute Preparations   
So his enemies get Burned       November Revelation
Thanksgiving 2008 Photos       Incredible as it seems. 
Faith of a Testimony    
Who is the "Real" Apostle?
Bubble Money    
What is this Polygamy?   The Door to Heaven  Obama from Bad to Worse 1 Part 2       1000 Generations
Preparing for the Reaper
Part 1    Part 2  God is a Racist  Enoch
Mormons What is FAIR?  CLICK HERE Part # 2   Racial Profile   Excuses
Video-Taped me
 for a few minutes in an interview April 13, and asked questions and I answered. And God said: "As I 
live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked." Ezekiel 33: 11 
    So will the people be warned? Who's influence are people under? God or Satan?

April 8, 2008 Today on a Radio Show I said "we will be attacked between April 29th. and June 18th."

March 15, 2008 Revelation
and Explanation as I now understand it. CLICK HERE Genuine CLICK HERE March 15th. Revelation 3 p.m. makes me believe that most readers will not have the fallout "Passover" them the 50 days to June 18th. my birthday. I think millions will die. Because they are stubble to be burned. See the Sickle CLICK HERE to standing grain. Deuteronomy 16:9
New Moon on April 6th. in the West 8-9pm. Passover the 20th. What really happened "Once upon a time" #1  #2  #3  #4   Typical OF SOME Emails I get CLICK HERE     LDS Apostasy Foretold  See  ParowanProphet.Com  
Why is America to blame? CLICK HERE     USA.   Letter to a Sister in New Hampshire CLICK HERE Prophets Proverbs CLICK HERE  Alma D. Erickson Vision CLICK HERE  For Conference? ? Thursday September 13, 2007  THIS WEEK CLICK HERE      Because they asked.     Honesty and Hypocrites Who are they?    Traditional  Slaves  
Coming to America Permission from Heaven A Prophet Said: Confusion  See the New Moon April 18th. in the West If some student had a gun in their Backpack 33 would not be dead. Someone could have shot the killer. "BUT" that's against the law for everyone to have a gun.
   Revelation given March 28, 2007 Link Below   Where have all the Prophets gone? CLICK HERE
  New Moon seen Tonight CLICK HERE       After Passover  Crossing the Red Sea CLICK HERE
  Tuesday March 20, 2007 The New Moon in the West 8:30-10 pm Starts the count to Passover CLICK HERE
God can see EVERYTHING, CLICK HERE. (Turn on your speakers! 2MB file, PowerPoint Presentation, takes a couple minutes to load, but Absolutely Worth the wait!  Click on the first picture after loading to view others.)
 Real Hero's To See        What Women Want     God is NOT Dead 
January 15, 2007 Monday night @ 6:30 pm Four Deer now eating the hay cubes in my Front Yard I bought to help feed them with all the deep snow around.

 The Way I Feel  Pride, Hypocrisy, Un-belief   Were these men false prophets?  The Test   
 Billboard Sign     Would (could) you recognize a Prophet? CLICK HERE  
51 Year old Movie about Fallout. CLICK  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dobys9s9f2w    A
The Elect Hear-Will you?
   Interesting October 5, 2006  Cinderella CLICK HERE  October 8, 2006 Feast of Tabernacles Meetings See this Soon! Why
FEW Believe what Joseph Smith said: CLICK HERE  July 2006 Photos CLICK HERE    
God has Power Summer is here CLICK HERE
      Have you read: What is Fair?
Guilty of Facts    Confusion! CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.
Did you hear Gordon B. Hinckley's Prophecy??? 4/2/06    Exactly! Neither did I.

Are you ready
to have death passover and leave you alive? Click here if you want to live.

Because of the Prime Time ABC show 3/2 about Polygamy and the new HBO series 3/ 19 Click Here

You are aware of the Muslims anger about cartoons of Muhammad. I am working on why the reasons for their anger.
I have over 10,000 words now and I am trying to cut it down to just a few thousand words.
     Hypocrites who don't believe God does change his mind see Genesis 22 about Abraham commanded to slay Isaac. A prophets duty is to obey God, no matter what is commanded. December 9, 2005 Story  Why millions die too! Bias
About the Sabbath WOW
! After
you read Polygamy 8 see ABOUT Christmas CLICK HERE  The Feast and Why     Why the Fire in December !
Meetings Announcement CLICK HERE  Before Hinckley dies in December. It is Here May 2004 Sun News Article.       Trumpets and Tents     
Covenant with God  What is FAIR? Ages Ago. DNA and Marilyn Monroe 
Faith to get the Holy Ghost We Kept the Commandment
Summer almost here. See God has Power My Fellow Americans  
Signs Coming   Next weekend.  April 2-3, 2005 Will LDS be warned?
What do you think? Read about the New Moon  Where am I at?  Mormons don't believe
Joseph Smith OR Moses Passover Instructions      Will this Passover you? CLICK HERE    Polygamy Series # 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11    Enoch Foretold our day   Could Easter kill you like the Ancients?       Why the Wrath?
Friday March 19-25, 2004;  50,000 papers in Southern Utah's Entertainment Guide has 1/2 page Ad's Prophecy about the future.
So Who did kill Jesus?
The Answer   The War in Heaven  Better Too Early--Than too Late  for February 2004   Proof for the year coming. Set New Years Day 2004
Many thousands in 5 Southern Utah Counties saw "Big" Newspaper Ads 12/7---12/10 and 12/14
telling that "Saddam Found Soon" CNN announced it on 12/14 so now when he dies "Soon" and "Hinckley" too Vengeance comes. Amos 3:7 See The Signs below. Now see: Mormon 8: 38-41 What the "iron rod" tells us about today.
So the Blind can see. And maybe live. 11/25 @ noon, I just finished a radio program scheduled for 1 hour that went 1 1/2 hours. Many people want to live. Do you? So prepare. See The Signs And Prepare For This

1.8w x 2.75h inches

Since my August Revelation below,   I have worried and wondered how to reach more people with so little time left. I had planned to spend $1000 each month on ads. But I just returned last Friday night and have Ads "starting" Sunday 10/26 in Utah Valley and for the next Month in every week; in 35 Newspaper "from" Logan to St. George, plus 4 Universities included and 1 Magazine for November for $1610.00 those Papers go to 350,000 people. IF 2 people read each paper, = 700,000 people total. That is is a mighty lot of people for just 1 person to do.   B.Y.U. will not take my AD so the 35,000 people there will just die unless you know some of them and can tell them where to find my "free" information on the internet. The Provo "Daily Herald" will not run the AD above for a month. I'm still waiting for some Radio AD quotes. Some stations refuse my request. The November flyers are ready to begin mailing out this last week in October.  Please send your own Self addressed Stamped envelope and $1 or more if you care to help. And they will get right out to you. If you live in other States, Canada, or Australia then just have your local papers electronically copy the Ad above, and help the people in your area to know how to live. See Doctrine & Covenants 88:81-88                                                                    
So Plain  August 10, 2003   Saddam when Snow     When Snow & Deep Dung
Next Weekend
September 27, 2003 So Do this.  6 Years Ago August 31, 1997 Diana died. Why? Diana Do you Know 
Eternity for the Vain Heathen   Once Upon a Time #1   #2   #3   #4  # 5  # 6
See Isaiah 28 Truth and Traditions So Explain This Scoffers will see it happen. Newspaper Story here. March 26,
The War has began.    Why is America to blame?   Why the War coming 1  2  3  4     Passover here. Revelation February 10, 2003 & February 11, and comments now.
Day of delay on Iraq means more Americans die CLICK HERE we are too late now, as you will see. 1/29/2003
My Opinion   As A Prophet Said:   Are you ready?  Why Millions must die! Soon.Why millions more must die too.     Revelation November 10, 2002 Parowan, Utah.
The Power of God
# 4  September 27, 2002 Letter to Editor See what I said 8 years ago. From a '1988' Vision CLICK HERE !   The Power of God #1  #2  #3     In Answering       Sept 7th. 2002 Keep it and live.
Have you read of the New Moons?         WHY? Bias!    Panic or Plan Did God Know #1  #2  #3
Dreams 1       Who Believes?      Do You Take A Chance?  Jerusalem 1   Aaronic Endowment # 4    Aaronic Endowment A
April 5, 2004 Begins
Passover Do you to keep it Forever? Attack
US   Can You Believe It?# 1  Aaronic Endowment # 2    A Endowment # 3   What Do you say?   Revelation Given   Excuses Given     
New Moons in The Millennium      
  Do you
What I Will Do   My Countrymen   Common Sense  One Reason that millions shall die.
Revelation November 6th             Afghanistan War   Conference October 2001 The Reason Why no Warning?
Why? Tell me Why?     Understanding Isaiah #4  A Commandment Begins October 2 Revelation September 13, 2001        AL Quran 1  2  3  4  5 
To you the People
  Revelation # 1 See it!
Understanding Isaiah # 3   To Understand 
Information Chart now there.      God in a Box.     Not Interested     New York to be Destroyed               Bush's Problem       Helen of Troy    Have you read the Visions on The Trojan Horse? Related Topics Box   
Fulfilled Prophecy     Understanding Isaiah #2    Isaiah #1   British Symbols   Do OR Die   Pride, Hypocrisy, Unbelief     Racial Profile     Attack the USA    Amazing Things   About Cinderella -    Are these false prophets?     
Have you heard?  
Do you believe? CLICK HERE       and Here   
Why are you here?           Faith For the Millennium 
The SUN 
read and see Photo at end.   Think about it-the end of Time
  2000 years have passed, proof of God's Plans      What is Faith? See LDS
   Al Gore wins popular vote next week  See My analysis: about 1/2 down.
The Curse to come  Trumpets and Tents 2004  What went Wrong?         Ezekiel's Riddle          Russia
What is Truth?    True Wealth   
The Establishment of Zion   Be Perfect     April 6, 2000 Revelation 3:30 am  
What Does it Mean   Tribes 1   Passover Begins April 23, 2005 at Sundown in Utah 

The Panama Canal    What is Genuine Tetracyclines READ AGAIN Ask a group to sponsor a lecture in your area.
  Hurrah, Hurray, 1/1/2000     Know This         World Economics             Mosiah Hancock Vision  Revelation December 21st.  Did you see the Fallout Vision and Cedar City vision on "V & W" of Index page Click here.   The Evans & Taylor visions on "P"
God's Plans, are you ready?          Revelation Dec 6th.      Revelation Nov 14, 1999   A Secret for good Mormons only     Read The Signs     Dogs       Last of the Last Days                Why the Wrath of God        August  Elijah A Prophet for the Last Days  For July 1999    Smoot Truth  (Do facts matter, OR would you turn O. J. loose ?) See what I said about O. J. Click here   For June   The Eloheim                The Mark of the Beast?  Sunday 5/16        America Will Survive  
Sunday 4/25        Do You Know what is about to happen the prophets said.   Sunday 4/25      Hypocrites don't want to know, so they will die soon.    Sunday 4/25      Jews and the Supreme Court   (See if this is part of the problem)  Tuesday 4/13    Big Mistake Kosovo War - CLICK HERE, you rather have it here?
Tuesday 3/30   See what God said AGES AGO CLICK HERE  Monday 3/1 By the Law We Sin - Monthly Flyer CLICK HERE
Friday  2/19 See where I was wrong - AND see the proof CLICK HERE and Weep
Friday 2/12 So sad, A few minutes ago , the Senate acted like a Democracy instead of a Republic, and let Clinton off, and we will attack Iraq again next week. CLICK HERE to see what God says about a Democracy, take time to read it.   Your life matters.
Saturday 2/6 See Shall you Survive CLICK HERE and _  the Parable CLICK HERE and pay attention to when the FLOODS and FIRE, your life depends on it.   Friday 2/5  CLICK HERE Radiation sickness Nuclear War link.  CLICK HERE Why am I doing this, on the Meet the Prophet link.    Wednesday 2/3 CLICK HERE to see Orem newspaper story for 1999  You folks that hear my Radio programs, need to ask your Stations for me to talk again. Millions will die without a chance to be warned and prepared. Please help others !

Monday 2/1 See the See the New Flyer for The Month on the Home Page (Some of what I  learned in the dream below, from the Prophet Joseph)  Monday 1/25/99 @ 5AM  I have just had a dream, where a friend of mine told me of a dream he had about 155 years ago. Just before he was killed. I will try to get it on the net later, when I finish with my meetings and appointments. British friends it is Noon now. CLICK HERE to SEE the dream what is done so far 10:45 PM
Thursday 1/21 I am I am getting up the "Peacemaker" that I was told to give to the people in the July 15, 1997 Revelation. It is big and will take me a few days to do. See the Revelation CLICK HERE  and the "Peacemaker" CLICK HERE.
Wednesday 1/20   See Heber C Kimball's vision of Salt Lake City See the Index Page OR CLICK HERE  to"V" the Amanda Wilcox story

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