What a Shame

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I have said: What a shame so many people don't really know what truth is when they hear it.

The scriptures say: "Thus saith the Lord; cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord." Jeremiah 17:5

For many years I have told people to study, search and pray to know for themselves what I have "seen." They don't just have to take my word for it. That is trusting in the flesh of a mortal man with blood in my veins. They need to know for themselves; but they are lazy and don't believe the scriptures.

Some people say that "I said" Russia would attack the USA at Christmas. See all my flyers for years past, I have never said that.

I have said I have seen the attack around Christmas with snow on the ground. If I told you of a vision I had where you live around the next Fourth of July, because I saw fireworks stands put up, and streets lined with flags. Some evening after a long day and sundown, a missile hits your community and kills everyone within ten miles of the hit. Will you be angry, or disappointed if I am off the date a few weeks of July 4th?

I do the best I can to explain what I see. Other prophets in history spoke of the end also.

Get off your lazy behind and mark these in your Bible:

Revelations 1:7 "He cometh with clouds."

Revelations 1:1,3 "Shortly come to pass at hand."

1 John 2:17, 18 "We know it is the last time."

1 Peter 4:7 "The end of all things is at hand."

James 5:8-11 "The coming of the Lord draweth nigh."

Prophets and Apostles tell what they see. What a shame people won't read. Millions have heard me on radio and TV, but their priorities are beer and cigarettes, or some other dumb thing, instead of $13 for their life-saving information.

Now I'm going to say, and quote some things most people don't know or believe. Most people don't believe in early Mormon prophets. The Mormons themselves don't believe their former prophets. They just like to listen to a lot of nice men today, who tell them they are doing great.

Brigham Young said on April 8, 1862: "There is nothing that would so soon weaken my hope an discourage me as to see this people in full fellowship with the world, and receive no more persecution from them because they are one with them. In such an event, we might bid farewell to "The Holy Priesthood" with all its blessings, privileges and aids to exaltations, principalities and powers in the eternities of the Gods." Journal of Discourses 10:32

Again Brigham Young said October 6, 1863 in Salt Lake City, Utah that: "When we see the time that we can willingly strike hands and have full fellowship with those who despise the Kingdom of God, know ye then that the priesthood of the Son of God is out of your possession." Journal of Discourses 10:273

Two decades later President George Q. Cannon said on September 2, 1883: "But, says one, when this present excitement passes over (anti polygamy laws) will we not have a time of peace?" God forbid that there should be peace on such terms (there was, for Utah statehood) as our enemies would have us make; for peace means surrendering The Kingdom of God; (not just the church).

Men say, "Let us compromise." This means the giving up of this principle and that principle for the sake of the world's favor. And when we commence giving up, where shall we stop? (Remember that statement.) I want peace on no such terms as these. We have engaged in this warfare to build up the Kingdom of God upon the earth, let the consequences be what they may." Journal Discourses 24:376

Remember I said even the Mormons don't believe former prophets. They think they have priesthood today. They don't really believe what Joseph Smith said. They are a bunch of hypocrites. The dictionary says a hypocrite is "one who pretends to beliefs." The Mormons say to believe their scriptures, but they don't do it themselves.

They gave up polygamy to get Utah statehood.

Article III, Ordinance 1. Of the Utah State Constitution provides that "...polygamous or plural marriages are forever prohibited."

That is exactly opposite what God has said in their own Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132; or statements of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and other early prophets.

Once the Mormons began to compromise they rushed to adopt the ways of the world. In the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper on November 22, 1938, The Mormon church President, Heber J. Grant, said: "My greatest happiness I find in the good will and friendship that has developed among all class of people at home and abroad toward the Latter-Day Saints, during my lifetime; in place of every day persecutions and bitterness we now enjoy the high regard and happy association with all denominations."

That was the Mormon President who mortgaged Temple Square and their Temple.

Mormons continued to compromise the teachings of their own scriptures and early prophets, until today it's so easy to be a member in good standing they have no exalting principals left. All anyone has to do is attend their meetings, keep the Word of Wisdom, go to the Temple, and now they say you'll get celestial glory (heaven). Nothing is farther from the truth, or their own scriptures, and former prophets, which they now say were wrong.

If they claim "authority," down priesthood lines, who, when, how did they get the rights to contradict former prophets? They have a doctrine of "follow the prophet," and if early prophets were here today they would be excommunicated from the church. They don't follow the "Prophet," but a bunch of nice men (businessmen).

You ask, why am I saying so much about the Mormons? Because they are "part" of the reason for nuclear war.

Isaiah said: "The earth (world) also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws (of God), changed the ordinance (endowment), broken the everlasting covenant. (Doctrine& Covenants 132:4-5)

Therefore (remember that) hath the "curse" devoured the earth (world), and they that dwell therein are desolate: (Boom) therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left." (Mormons are the only people who had the new and everlasting covenant to break.) Isaiah 24:5-6

God is going to "force" polygamy on the world. (See Isaiah 4:1 (in that day 7 women take hold of one man)

Again Isaiah said: "Because ye have said, we (LDS) have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing "scourge" (fallout) shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:" Isaiah 28:15

Mormon lies won't protect them from fallout. About a million Mormons in Utah will die.

Isaiah continues: "And your (LDS) covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing "scourge" (fallout) shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: For morning by morning shall it (fallout) pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation (terrible) only to understand the report (of the news, and millions dead)." Isaiah 28:18, 19

Read yourself all of Isaiah 28 and 29 to see what will happen. God's strange act is about to happen.

In April of 1990 the Mormon leaders again, changed more of the Temple endowment (ordinance) so much that now hardly any truth is left. They are now like other churches, they are apostate from truth they once had.

President George Q. Cannon said May 15, 1881, "There is nothing short of complete apostasy, a complete denial of every principle we have received, a throwing away of the "Holy Priesthood," that can save us from persecution. When this takes place, when all the chief features of the Gospel are obliterated, when we can float along the stream and do as the world does, then and not till then will persecution cease." Journal of Discourses 22:374

Watch TV CBS 60 Minutes on February 4, 1996. (the date was changed to April) Mike Wallace will interview Mormon Church President Gordon B. Hinckley. The Mormon Church now has acceptance of the world.

Brigham Young prophesied: "I am satisfied that it will not do for the Lord to make this people popular. Why? Because all hell would want to be in the church." 1868 Journal of Discourses 12:272

Again Brigham Young: "When Mormonism find favor with the wicked in this land, it will have gone into the shade; but until the power of the "Priesthood" is gone, Mormonism will never become popular with the wicked." 1856 Journal of Discourses 4:38

Again Prophet Brigham Young: "Let not the Latter-Day Saints deceive themselves, (they have) let them not pursue a course that will bring sorrow to their hearts instead of joy and peace. Let them not flatter themselves that they will receive salvation in the kingdom of God while living in the neglect of their duties. Unless we live our religion and sanctify ourselves by the law of God, we flatter ourselves in vain that we shall be made instruments in the hands of God in preparing the way for the coming of the Son of Man, For the redemption of Zion according to the words of The Prophets (not just nice men). Let us ask ourselves the question, am I a wheat or a tare?" (The tares will be burnt.) Journal of Discourses 12:168

May 20, 1995 Mormon Church President Gordon B. Hinckley said: "I feel so optimistic about this church, so very, very optimistic. What tremendous things we are doing."

May 14, 1995 a week earlier he said: "The best lies ahead. I believe that with all my heart. It is a wonderful time to be alive. It's a great time to be a member of this church when you can hold your head up without embarrassment and with some pride in this great latter-day work."

"Both" of the above quotes are on page 66 of the December 1995 Ensign magazine, published by the Mormon Church.

Now ask yourself the question. "Why would not a prophet, from God, try to warn people what is going to happen when World War III begins?"

Because a nice man can't tell you what he doesn't know or believe. So millions of Mormons die just like everyone else.

Jesus said: "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Beware of false prophets ("nice men") who pretend, make believe, play the roll as prophets, whole quorums) which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:13-15

Christ said: "For I give not unto you, that ye shall live after the manner of the world." Doctrine and Covenants 96:13

Orson Pratt said in 1871: "Repent, and prepare the way for the great day of the coming of the Lord from heaven. By and by, his judgments, (Nuclear War) will pour out his indignation (wrath) upon all nations." Journal of Discourses 14:265

I personally have "given" all the Nuclear War Survival information to Gordon B. Hinckley. He has been in my home. But the whole Mormon people won't be warned and told how to survive because as the scripture Proverbs 16:18 says: "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."

"What a Shame" Mormons don't believe their own former prophets.

Brigham Young said: "How many hundreds and hundreds of times have you been taught that if people neglect their prayers and other daily duties, that they quickly begin to love the world, become vain in their imaginations, and liable to go astray, loving all the day long to do those things that the Lord hates.  When people neglect their private duties, should their leaders lead them astray, they will go blindfolded, will be subject to the devil, and be led captive at his will." 1857 Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 4:298

"Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."   Matthew 15:14

In the flyer January 1996, I showed when the Mormons lost their priesthood many years ago. Though they don't believe it, or their former prophets that I "quoted."

Their ordinances for many, many years have been invalid, "not" recognized by God.       "What a Shame" I have quoted only a few statements from their former prophets of the hundreds I have found.

Then what can people do when the keys, and priesthood are gone, and Temple sealings are not valid?

Listen to President John Taylor, third LDS Church Prophet. He says: "I was asked if certain ordinances could be performed in different places. I told them yes. It is the authority of the priesthood that validates and sanctifies the ordinance. I was asked if people could be sealed (married) outside. Yes, I could have told them I was sealed outside, and lots of others. I will say that man was not made for temples, but temples were made for man, under the direction of the priesthood, and without the priesthood temples would amount to nothing (nothing!)." Journal of Discourses 25:355                       (AND todays Mormons have no authority beyond this world.)

People today call him a liar. Look on my other pages at his Prophecies, I have many that he said. CAN any of those 15 men who are prophets to the Church today say they have any visions? Nope.

Brigham Young: "We also have the privilege of sealing women to men, without a Temple." Journal of  Discourses 16:186

Now were all the early Mormon prophets liars? Their leaders today say they were. So where did leaders today get their authority if the doctrine of follow the prophet is true? Men today didn't follow the Prophet Joseph Smith. Author and Authority have the same root.

He had authority because he was the author of their scriptures and doctrine. If they don't believe Joseph Smith then they haven't a leg to stand on.

Doctrine and Covenants 95:5-6: "But behold, verily (in truth) I say unto you, that there are many who have been ordained among you, whom I have called but few of them are chosen. (Remember, that's the same doctrine Jesus spoke in Matthew 7:13-15 I quoted in column 5.)

They who are not chosen have sinned a very (very) grievous sin, in that they are walking in darkness at noonday."
                        Doctrine and Covenants 95:5-6

The blind lead the blind in darkness at noonday. Mormon teachers who don't read.

Read the "instructions" in the road map of the scriptures. I don't care if you don't like me. I'll tell you the truth=READ!
 Hold onto the Iron Rod of God's words.

Revelation given January 1, 1996, a.m.

"Verily, I say unto you my servant, your brethren all my holy prophets have seen the same vision ye have. If they are false prophets, then are ye excused. Not even the angels in heaven are aware of the exact time of Jacob's trouble.

Critics, and those who scoff are hypocrites. They have no visions to disprove what I have shown thee. They are empty wells. Their dust shall be blown upon the winds. Keep ye my holy word in thine heart. Thy fountain shall flow and give life unto those who thirst. Amen."

Cammy Revelation Given Sunday, January 7, 1996, 3:00 p.m.

"Oh my people, repent and hear all my words. My judgments are about to fall upon thee because ye have rebelled at my words. Ye have perverted my laws. The Jews head the rebellious gentiles.

They shall all be burnt. There is no temple not polluted. Therefore I come not to rest, but to judgment in fire.

Enter thy closet for a season in prayer, that the scourge be over past. Millions have chosen for eternity, for this life is the time to prepare for my revealing. Thy fathers endured my presence in a cloud. But ye shall be burnt because of unbelief.

Draw near unto me in thy mind. Cast out the world of Babylon and its confusion. The shepherds have taken and driven my sheep into rocky ground. They are dull of hearing and their eyes they have closed. The signs are all about, but the blind see not. Shew the people their sinful deeds. For they have forgotten me and provoke me unto wrath. This rebellious people have forgotten my law. As I have in times past, I will turn unto to her nations to chasten them. They who pass away as a cloud shall not see the millennium and shall never rest. They have chosen for eternity. Amen."

The two Revelations above and this below are the most I have ever had in one month. Sometimes months can go bye.

Revelation Given Monday January 15, 1996 Parowan, Utah,
2:15 p.m. at home.

"Listen my son and you shall hear the words of thy father. Mine apostles and prophets before thee spake of many things not understood. Abraham, Job, Jonah, and Y'shua have spoken things that did not happen. I spoke unto Abraham and changed my mind. To Hezekiah gave I another fifteen years. My servant Isaiah did not lie. Jonah was very angry when my words came not to pass.

But ye have rejoiced for thy brethren and sisters. The western wall of Herod's Temple stands though Y'shua said it would be thrown down.

Even Job was shown snow at the time of Jacob's trouble. I control the ordinances of heaven and I change the time and seasons as ye have seen. Thy words shall come to pass as I have revealed unto thee before.

I have caused thee to see and be strong. I yet have a mighty work to perform. Thy words shall yet come to pass as they have in the past.

Be strong and of good courage, I will stay close to thee, ye have my promise for eternity and even when thy blood is shed for thy testimony, I will be there to embrace thee through the veil. No other man could do what ye have done. Ye are strong in my will. Forever blessed are ye. Amen."

Millennial Star 5:15: "We cannot be married for eternity without subscribing to the law that admits a plurality of wives."

Brigham Young: "The only men who become Gods, even sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy."    Journal of Discourses 11:268

Joseph Smith: "We have got to observe it. It is an eternal principle and was given by way of commandment and not by way of instruction."  Contributor 5:259

"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." Doctrine and Covenants 82:10

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