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What Do You Do ?

What if you had to watch the curtain close on 6000 years of History like I have?  
Could you keep your mouth shut? NO, you would have to keep warning people even when your entire family doesn't want to have you speak because of the ridicule, scorn, and
persecutions. Who do you obey? GOD, OR those you love? WHAT did Adam do?    

On March 29, 1997  I got the following parable: 
Saddam will soon die Hinckley too

Floods and fire, the world's a zoo

A dreadful scourge, harlots are caught

The sun at night and few left to fight

Unbelievers will wail, children shall cry

Millions more wish they could die

Hypocrites will fight, as long as they can

Few too be left, down to a man

Write he said what it is to see

And the bee shall search fruit of a tree

Interest brings death, service is life

Blind dogs that don't bark, caught in the strife

Dumb sheep to the slaughter, happy they go

Into the pit, a land full of woe

These things been foretold, long, long ago

They who won't read have no reason to know

Fuel for hell's fires, they argue with God

The land of the living, no longer they trod

O why do men think they are smarter than God

They deny their own doom, and laugh at the rod

Don't repent and give the glory to God.

Like John the Revelator said in Revelation 1:10 I was in the spirit on the Lords day;  ON  Saturday March 29, 1997 when I got the above revelation. CLICK HERE to see Liars say the Bible is true.  

          See Revelation 1:10-11 AND 2 Peter 1:21 for the truth.

          April 4, 1997  Radio station KTKK, Salt Lake City called me. 

  • I read the above revelation on the radio, so tens of thousands of people in Utah know. At least they have been told, but they don't have enough endowment to realize what is before their eyes. They will look back at the signs so plain. CLICK HERE  To read about a king. Scroll down to A King Dies. Read that and pray you understand the rest, and can live. 1/29/2003 Learn about Kings CLICK HERE

  • At least they have been told. I have also read it on the air to other stations  across the USA too. But those people don't have an endowment either.

THIS parable reminds me of the Revelation of March 13, 1984 which I published then.
20 years ago.
 IT Said:  

      When a king dies there shall great mourning be (2018 Nelson is King CLICK HERE)
      King OF usa NOW IS PRESIDENT Trump, may God bless him.

      And the bee shall search for the fruit of the tree

      A live tree will know, that winter is past Spring Begins March 20 

      As pruners cut down, the dead branches at last

      When the orchard is burned. Before blossoms are made.

      Few bees are found, in ashes and mud

      Fire and flood, shall make a man cry.

      As a wife and children, to him say good bye

      A well rooted tree, is watered by flood

      But millions more will be dry in their blood

      People shall drown, as waters rush down Spring FLOODS, into summer.  

      But they who are blind, will not hear the sound

      A cocoon will be sought, as waters dry up

      And only a few will sit down to his sup.

      As butterflies live, worms shall eat flesh

      And people no longer shall live to excess

      The orchard is desolate, before the smoke is gone

      The childless widow, laments with a song

      When the plow rusts, all beauty is faded  Months after the surprise ATTACK

      And blossoms shall blow in the wind

      Rain will pack ashes, where cities once stood

      The work of destruction is only for good

      And trees shall bear fruit. in a time of famine

      When men shall live, for the good of the common.

      Thus was the vision. NOW see Alma 8:24-25

      Read Matthew 13:10-11 AND Mark 4:11 AND Luke 8:10 Why parables.  
      To read Joseph Smith's last dream on earth, the night before
      he was killed. CLICK HERE 
              This is on the Internet today December 1, 1998

      ON PAGE 28 of that "PROPHECY TODAY" booklet published in "1980" I said a full 23 years BEFORE the Gulf War with Saddam Hussein, in 2003 that:

      "And the Persian Gulf and the cape of Africa will cut the jugular vein of 60% of the west's oil."  
      We read IN  1 Corinthians 13:12 for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: NOW I know in part.  (The Cape of Africa part of this, will happen when the War starts.)

  See my December Letter to the Editors. Operation Iraqi Freedom The invasion began on 
March 20, 2003 We were back again in Iraq. 
Today 1/28/2012 I say we will be at war again in the Persian Gulf region.
 War will be back again, and again, until Babylon is Nuked. (32 years since 1980, the Prophecy Today Book was published.)
Minutes ago August 10, 2014 we are back in Iraq. See this: U.S. unleashes new round of air strikes as Kurds advance against ISIS  
(CNN) -- The U.S. military carried out a new series of airstrikes Sunday against ISIS targets in Iraq, marking the heaviest flurry of activity since the operations began.  In five hours the military struck five targets, including armed vehicles and a mortar position, U.S. Central Command said.  The strikes began at 9:15 a.m. local time (2:15 a.m. ET), the military said.   August 10, 2014 By Ben Brumfield, Barbara Starr. and Chelsea J. Carter. CNN updated 10:45 AM EDT. SUN August 10, 2014 

See a beginning of these fulfillment's of these parables above About when a King Dies About 1/2 way down
On the Permissions from Heaven link CLICKHERE               
Some people have sincerely asked me to help them to understand these parables. Some have a small endowment and know that "IF" they are true and faithful to their covenants, the day will come they will be anointed Kings and Queens to rule in the Kingdom of God.

Floods are when winter is past. Fire, of the Sun is Nuclear. Blossoms in the Spring, pollinated by bees. The Scourge is fallout. Bees are men who pollinate the blossoms. Few are found in ashes and mud. I have asked if they ever sat in Church behind a sweet smelling blossom? Mormon President John Taylor's vision he saw blossoms blowing (walking) in the wind, CLICK HERE to read.
At "Night" the attack begins. Leaders who don't bark a warning, will go  into the pit. "When" the Plow rusts (months later) "hair is falling out" and beauty is faded. Read my nuclear war flyers and you will understand about the deaf and blind. Jesus said: My Sheep know my voice, so you understand who the sheep are.
Think "who" are the trees, and "what" is the fruit?  What is the orchard and what is a cocoon. You are not stupid so it is a fallout shelter. What is a live tree (bears fruit) and dead branches, after months of radiation sickness.
When is there Famine. And why?
These are the "Profane" "Profane"
(not sacred) understandings. Pray and read them again to get the more sacred meanings. They are hidden there for those God wants to be able to see.
CLICK HERE to see Nostradamus parable about Diana's death.  Pray you can live another year. And begin to understand the prophets words. Why is destruction Good! Matthew 4:4 and 12: 30