Nutrition in Emergencies                                                                       

Famine Comes The Last Train Out        

During hard times of stress a person needs to keep working on good nutrition. Fat is essential to good nutrition. When Milk, cheese, meat and animal products are not available because of transportation or refrigeration problems and people can only eat staples as grains, and vegetables. Fat will be hard to get. I tell you this because fat is especially important for young people to have normal growth and development. You can eat every kind of animal, bird, fish, reptile, mammal that crawls, walks, or swims, in North America except one. And very few people will get a chance to eat Polar Bear liver. Polar Bear liver has 17,000 I.U. of vitamin A PER Gram. One ounce is 28.41 Grams. So just one mouthful chewed and swallowed will kill you from a toxic overdose of vitamin A.

Speaking of Bears, notice how FAT they get before their winter sleep. They eat meat, fish, berries, and insects. So any insects, grubs, bugs, worms, you donít want to eat just put them in a handkerchief or sock with a small rock and boil it for a good 5 minutes and the FAT will rise and float on the surface when it cools. Throw the rock and bugs away, and eat the tasty FAT off the top. It tastes kind of like chicken FAT. And is sterile and good enough to keep you fat like Bears. And alive. Mix it in your hot mush in the morning. The same technique can be used for anything you canít stand to eat. Boil it well and just eat the skimmings when it cools.

Be careful "not" to eat "any organs" such as the heart, liver, kidneys, of any animals, wild OR domestic, farm raised, that have been exposed to fallout. I have made this warning in other flyers in the past. Do not eat any thing but muscle meat on any animal.

The vegetable oils that are best are olive and safflower.


I have said much more in the past about "Sprouting," but a quick comment here is appropriate I think. Whatever grain you have to eat, the nutrition can AND will be increased BY 2 OR 3 times by sprouting the grain for a few days. AND also the volume of available food to fill you up. Some seeds increase in volume several times as they sprout. Some as much as 20 times. As I have said before, a quart jar and some used torn panty hose, make a great sprouting jar. Just rinse the seeds every day and pour the water out and zip, quick, you have sprouts in a few days. Only put enough seeds in at the start, to coat the jar walls when wet. Wheat sprouts are a 600% increase in vitamin "C" over just the wheat grain. You can easily sprout grains, beans, lentils, soybeans, alfalfa, millet, peas, rice, radish, anything that grows. They are great for salads, soups, breads, puddings. 

A great dessert is sprouts and a big tablespoon of Brownie mix, and a spoonful of water well mixed. Guess how much that costs?

 Get now some "multivitamin" pills, any brand, BUT get them  NOW.

Buy yourself a JAR of "CORONA" lanolin-rich "antiseptic" ointment, It is sold in Veterinary stores and some pet shops. A 14 oz. Jar costs $8 dollars and will help heal scabs, cuts, abrasions, Baby diaper rash, chapped hand, chapped lips, sores, bites, scratches, burns "after" a few weeks, and they begin to scab over. The lanolin keeps the scabs soft. It is made "really for" use on milk cows teats. CORONA @ Box 7329, Marietta,GA 30065  Area code 404-590-0600 We have used it for years. I can't say enough good about that stuff! It's Great stuff! 

When you are real cold you can wrap your legs in a dozen layers of newspaper and cover them with trash bags. With some duct tape you can make it work great. Tear a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and put it over your head. Stuff it full of wadded newspaper around you, a bunch of newspaper, and you can stay warm. Wrap your head with a towel. Remember to keep your head covered. One third, 1/3 of the body heat escapes from your head. Always wear a hat. Women need to learn to keep their BALD heads covered too! Even wear hats with wigs. For a few years you will need to keep your arms, neck, and bosom covered. The ozone will be gone and the sunlight will cause more cancers.   Learn that a tan is NOT beautiful. White, soft, delicate skin IS beautiful. 

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