Hot Nukes
Mohawk 350 Kilo Tons 1954 still millions of degrees.
Photo What if just one little one like this hits where you are? It will cook a hotdog miles away. You too! It's real hot.

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On 60 Minutes June 18,1995. Ed Bradley did a story about the 300 Topol mobile missiles that Russia has. He just did not finish the story. Those Topols are the SS-25 "Sickle" missiles. They each carry (1) 550 Kiloton warhead. Thirty Five (35) times "larger" than Hiroshima, that killed 92,000. AND burned and injured 38,000 more, many of whom died shortly after. AND they can fly 6,500 miles to the target.
    The really "BIG" SS-18 missiles Mod 6, has
20 Megaton warhead called "Satan."
   Those TOPOLS are 200 Kilotons larger than the Photo above at 350 kilotons.
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    In 2002   That was 9 years ago. They have more in 2011