Tuesday  December 15, 2015  John Kerry  meets with  President Putin in Moscow.  WATCH what happens. I wrote this
what I thought would happen 35 years ago. Leland Freeborn i.e. the Parowan Prophet. See the paper copies printed in 1980

Scenario: 1982 or sometime later, BUT not before. Copyright 1980 Realize that I wrote this 35 years ago. Get out the paper copies and read it again.
You who have received the information in the past.

In the beginning of this report, realize that what you are reading is the result of dreams, visions, I have had, and some true facts. A part is fiction, "fiction", mostly the dates, locations described, and the order of events.

As we realize, war for all history has been a battle of the strongest in numbers. War a hundred years ago was numbers; the more guns you had to shoot, the better off you were.
With the First World War, machines began to increase the odds of winning. Aircraft, submarines, and armored vehicles moved the manpower, and made him more deadly.

The Second World War brought great advancements in kinds and sizes of mechanical weapons. It also created the need for numbers again, as the total population put on the war effort work clothes. Science made great advancements due to demand. "Necessity is the mother of invention." You won't think of how to do it, until you need it. The mind of mankind began to open "Pandora's Box." "Buck Rogers," and "Science Fiction," began to imagine strange weapons, some of which today are real.

As time passes, man develops and improves his original ideas. When I was in high school in the late 1950's, transistors replaced vacuum tubes. As science improved its technology, more transistors were combined together throughout the 1960's. By 1970, several hundred transistors could be mounted on small chips and thus was born the hand-held calculators. By 1980 the number of transistors mounted on a chip the size of a postage stamp was 10,000, using microelectronics.

In all the history of mankind, has he EVER invented a weapon that he did not use? No NEVER!

As the leadership of this nation realizes our weak areas of defense, it will call the people to strive for protection. This is good. Where we are weak, we should be protected. No one would say we should never lock our car, or our home, because we need and deserve that protection. And so, as we increase our efforts for our defense (A GOOD THING) the economy is better, more people are working, people realize the threat to us, and nobody wants to live through the threat of another "IRAN" hostage crisis again.

And so we are busy at work on Tuesday morning late in the fall of 1982;  
I remember the fall of 1962 when President Kennedy came on the radio and said he was telling Russia to get their missiles out of Cuba, we wouldn't stand for them being there.

And so, we have started work, and President Reagan comes on the radio to tell us of a very grave international occurrence. He explains the threat to the U.S.A., and wants to know how the people of the United States want him to respond. He say's, "Please dial your telephone operator and 'ONLY' take 10 seconds to tell her." "Please, millions of people will call, and by tomorrow we will be able to answer 'FOR THE NATION."

The people of the United States respond "as expected." We are a freedom-loving people and will fight "If we have to," as it says on our $1.00 bill, "IN GOD WE TRUST." Our President conveys the mandate of America to Russia. The Russian people are alerted by their leaders and told to disperse to their sheltered areas as the "Capital-stic Warmongers" will attack. Our spy satellites observe the mass exodus in Russia but "WE UNDERSTAND" we know that we would never attack them "IN COLD BLOOD."  Our threat is only in response to their threat.

The time is now Thursday night and we can relax. On radio and television the President tells us that the Russians have backed down as they did in the 1962 "CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS." We must stand firm together as a nation so this kind of thing will never happen again.

Our military forces can relax; they have been on Red alert since Tuesday morning (21/2 days ago) and people are tired. At least things are back to normal. Before we go to bed, we talk about what we should do "starting tomorrow", what if the Russians had not backed down?

Time 11:30p.m. Thursday night. Most of the U.S.A. has gone to bed. Somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, the Russian atomic submarine "TYPHOON" which was launched in the fall of 1980 from the "SEVERODVISNK" shipyard surfaces. This huge sub of 30,000 tons  (as big as some World War Two aircraft carriers) has 20 missile tubes with SS-20 missiles in them, with 40 more missiles in the cargo hold which have a range of 3,000 miles. The United States is only 2700 miles wide, so a submarine in the Pacific can attack the Atlantic coast.

The Typhoon clears and makes ready the missile launch tubes as she waits for the word from radio space intelligence. At 11:41 p.m. the message comes that the Soviet "KILLER SATELLITES," launched in "December 1980," have cleared the Ionisphere, of all the U.S.A. spy satellites around the world. In the U.S.A. at North American Air Defense Headquarters under the Mountains, much is happening. Systems are checked and rechecked, communications are established with the "Colorado Springs detection and tracking center."

The "NORAD" officials have learned not to trust the computers and screens as they have a record of many false alarms in the past - "actually 147 false alarms in the 18 months from July 1979 to December 1980."

Back at sea, the Typhoon launches four missiles. Her sister, Typhoon Two, in the South Atlantic has received the same messages and has launched four of her missiles at the same moment. Colorado Springs confirms to NORAD that our spy satellites are gone, at 11:43p.m. At 11:44 p.m. Colorado Springs Radar picks up unidentified objects not accountable as one of the 7,000 pieces of satellites and debris in the sky. She goes "RED ALERT." Fifteen seconds later, the computers say there are eight objects headed for the U.S.A. Thirteen seconds later the computer projects possible areas of impact. Time, 11:44 and 28 seconds. Colorado Springs informs NORAD, the White House, SAC Bases, and missile bases around the world. It is now 11:45p.m. "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK."

The computers project the precise points of impact and the seconds till impact.

1. Los Angeles, California 242 seconds (4  Minutes. 2 Sec.)

2. San Francisco, California 285 seconds (4  minutes. 45 Sec.)

3. Washington, D.C. 318 seconds (5  Minutes. 18 Sec.)

4. Tooele, Utah 442 seconds (7  Minutes. 22 Sec.)

5. Salt Lake City, Utah 446 seconds (7  Minutes. 26 Sec.)

6. Kansas City; Missouri 556 seconds (9  Minutes. 16 Sec.)

7. Wichita, Kansas 612 seconds (10  Minutes. 12 Sec.)

8. Omaha, Nebraska 630 seconds (10  Minutes. 30 Sec.)

Back at sea the Typhoons launch another series of eight missiles.

Some of our minuteman missiles are launched as our pilots rush to their planes. At NORAD, screens and computers show dozens of missiles coming over the north pole across east and west Canada. They begin to project impact points summarized as follows:

1. Minuteman launch sites in U.S.A.

2. SAC Bomber bases in Canada and U.S.A.

3. Airfields over 7000 feet long.

4. Hydroelectric Dams and other Electric Plants.

5. Military Bases and airfields.

6. Cities over 25,000 population.

At the White House, people are boarding the helicopter for the retreat to the underground shelters in the hills of Maryland. (They never make it, the blast from the bomb burns them in the sky.)

At 11:49 p.m., 2 seconds, the first SS-20 launched detonates over Los Angeles, California. In a few seconds the fireball which began at ground level spreads out a mile wide; the earth is blown out to leave a hole more than a mile across, 300 feet deep. Buildings, vehicles, everything is blown like a paper cup in a tornado. Millions of tons of earth are carried upward only to fall in a ring around the hole several miles across and over a hundred feet high. The flash of light or "THERMAL PULSE" is brighter than the sun even viewed fifty miles away.

The fireball ten seconds after detonation is two miles across and ten million degrees. It rises at the rate of 300 feet per second because it is so hot (hot air rises) In one minute it is 18,000 feet, or over three miles high. The radio stations across the U.S.A. tell us we are being attacked. But, we have launched a counter-offensive against Russia. (Who, by the way, have been getting into their shelters for the past two days since Wednesday morning.)    It sure seems they knew how it would happen, doesn't it?

The Thermal Pulse is composed of light, and causes things to burn because it is so bright. (It's NOT A WAVE OF FIRE) It is like sunlight through a magnifying glass, only there is no glass.

Tonight, or today as it seems, the thermal pulse lasts for 19 seconds and starts many fires out as far as twelve miles. People outside tonight see the flash 25 miles away and receive second-degree burns. Closer in the "SHOCK WAVE" moves out from the fireball at a speed faster than sound. Most people know how their ears plug and unplug as they rise in altitude. With the shock wave comes tremendous "over-pressure" which causes hollow objects to crush inward like squeezing an aluminum soda can in your fist. It collapses and crushes houses and cars for many miles and breaks everyone's eardrums. At the same instant the dynamic pressure, or "blast wave" hits like a tornado. Everything out as far as nine miles is blown outward, cars, people, buildings. The time from the flash and second-degree burns, and the arrival of the blast wave is twenty seconds. All houses, everything for the closest nine miles is blown out. The effects of the blast wave decline as it moves out so that it only breaks in (implodes) windows 100 miles away with enough force that slivers of glass will penetrate the skin.

The fires started by the thermal pulse are fanned hotter by the blast wave. Everyone is dead within five miles, or will be after only a few minutes of suffering. Several million are alive, but only for a few hours or days under all the crushed rubble still burning. No one will ever be able to dig them out. the mushroom cloud is now twelve miles high and twenty miles across. Its been three minutes since detonation. The other soviet subs have surfaced, in the Pacific mostly, and begin to launch more missiles. Its now 24 seconds until the "AIR BURST" over Salt Lake City one-quarter mile high.

Russia decided to make "air bursts" over Tooele and Salt Lake, not only for the immediate destruction, but for two other reasons. Because the Utah valleys are like bowls they will bounce the blast back up to the ionosphere, creating "Electromagnetic Pulse," or "EMP" which will knock out all radio, electrical, telephone, short-wave communication on the west coast for many days to come. (Short out every set) Also, the blast over Tooele Army Depot will release all the chemical and bacterial warfare and plague the U.S.A. has stored there. The flash will start fires in Salt Lake and Utah Valleys and the overpressure will crumble all brick structures. The flash, radiation, fires and disease released will kill most of the people. Two birds with one stone, no communications, and the diseases released.

Time 11:57p.m. and more missiles launched from the Pacific start to arrive at the Minuteman Bases at Davis Monthan, Arizona; Malmstrom, Montana; Warren, Wyoming; Minot and Grand Forks, North Dakota; Ellsworth, South Dakota; and McConnell, Kansas; from the Atlantic the computers project Little Rock, Arkansas; Whiteman, Missouri; Dyess and Carswell, Texas; Barksdale, Louisiana; Robins, Georgia; and Blytheville, Tennessee.

A huge burst over Washington, D.C. has already leveled that city. Wichita, Kansas, was a ground burst to destroy the military bases there. The air burst over Omaha, Nebraska, produced "EMP" that wiped out the east coast communications and all electricity. Missiles from the U.S.A. are now nearing the Netherlands as the soviets launch some of their 10,000 interceptor missiles and 2,600 interceptor aircraft. Sure, things will "blow" on the cities of Russia, but the people who count are burned safe, deep. Two more minutes and the 60 missiles launched from Russia with ten war heads each will hit the U.S.A. Within eleven minutes, another 320 will arrive in all parts of the U.S.A.

The soviet submarine force expects to be able to launch almost "2,000 war heads" themselves. Back in Los Angeles, everything is on fire. Now that the blast wave dynamic pressure has stopped, the heat from the fires has started the air to rise and the wind reverses itself to blowing inward. This fans the fire more and carries more ash to the atmosphere to join the radioactive cloud now moving east. The fallout begins! Hundreds of thousands of fires exist. About five million are dead now and two million more within the hour.       

All roads are cluttered with debris. Thirty miles away the freeways are like parking lots. People can't stop to help people, it is every one for themselves. The fires will burn for days. The radiation cloud moves east faster than the people left alive. Ninety.five percent of them will be dead within one week from the radiation effects of fallout. Now power, no water, no food, no fuel, nothing but death. Time 12:10a.m. all over the U.S.A. the same scene is taking place; lights flash all around, its easy to tell which city was hit, just look that direction. Everyone in the U.S.A. is awake, or dead, or dying. Our forty-one attack submarines will surely do some damage to Russia with their "856 missiles and 5400 warheads." Yes, about twenty million Russians will die along with our 112 million people. In a week we'll lose another 35 million from radiation fallout.

Back at sea the Typhoon has launched all its missiles and so, dives beneath the sea. Because the giant sub is made of Titanium it can dive 4,000 feet deep; so it heads for and settles down in the deep Pacific Trench, quietly, for the next two months.

Back on land chaos is everywhere; people are moving every direction. they begin to band together into groups, hopefully to survive. All roads leading away from cities are clogged. There are no doctors, no police, no righteous authority, the only authority is the man with the gun. He wants your -?- he has it. You decide to try and stay with him, he has authority, not good, but nobody argues with him, or, "bam" you've seen it happen. People can't survive alone, so you become part of a roving band. Not much hope left.

Most of our problems are now ahead of us. If we live a few months, or until next summer, perhaps the Russians will rule here. Now is the question! Winter will be here next week, the snow, the cold, no fuel, no power, water, food, even shelter is scarce. And so the winter (starts Dec 21, (a bad one) is here. Another fifteen million people freeze, starve, die. Russia gets hit hard too, nature takes its toll, three million in Russia dead.

It is Spring 1983, the snow melts, rivers flood, frozen bodies thaw out, and the flies and disease and sickness begin. Because you've had poor food, shelter, you don't feel well, but you have to try!

In Salt Lake City, the spring thaw  fills the gutters with blood, as frozen bodies thaw. Almost every home has the dead in it; in some homes all are dead. People alive must stay inside or breathe in the plague that was released last fall from Tooele.

All over the U.S.A. people are trying to understand what has happened; do we have a government? We know we've not won yet, as we saw a flash from a bomb yesterday morning about 100 miles away. We heard the bombs touched off a huge earthquake in California and Los Angeles is now ocean, as well as a lot more of California. Some days at noon we can get a radio program, but not every day. We are still at war and the Chinese have landed in California we hear. It seems the farther east you go, the fewer are alive; the radiation went east and overlapped many times. They say that there's not a man alive on the east coast, it's so bad there.

The fallout belt seems to stretch around the world. We have heard that England was hit the same time we were. The Russians really had it planned, but now they are also fighting the Chinese; and we are still fighting them both. (Update: British and USA forces hit Iraq Dec 98, and really made the the Moslem world of a Billion people angry.- Notice the symbol of the crescent moon of Islam, like a sickle to reap the earth.)

Our resources are good but it seems everyone is only trying to save themselves. Our community was attacked yesterday by a mob of about 500 people. They raped and killed three women and one man before we had the militia strong enough to close the roadblock. They skirted us and went on up north. I guess that more people lived through the winter in the south. if we can get some seeds to plant, then perhaps, just maybe, we can grow enough to feed our community this year. Of course, next year we will probably have a hundred people fewer to feed, the way people have been dying; no soap, no medicine, no toilet paper. I'm kind of glad my family is all dead; at least they won't have to suffer through this year.

I guess there is hope; I wish I had listened to those prophets who told us what was coming. I've read the scriptures  a lot these past few months; I think I'll try living by "God's Plan." I'm sure the "tribulation of the last days" has begun.

All "in one hour" over 100 million dead just like John the Revelator said in the last book of the New Testament. "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, DEATH and mourning . . . and she shall be utterly BURNED WITH FIRE . . . (those) who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her . . . when they shall see the smoke of her burning. Standing afar off FOR THE FEAR of her torment, saying,... that mighty city FOR IN ONE HOUR is thy judgement come. For IN ONE HOUR is she made desolate."
Revelations 18: 4, 8-10, 17, 19


      1. Prepare to meet God "sooner or later."

      2. If you want it later!

      3. Be many miles away when the bombs hit.
         a. live 25 miles from a target drop area. 
         b. Construct an underground shelter. 
         c. Stock it with 3 months supplies and weapons. 
         d. Be in it, WHEN things begin to "blow." 
         e. If you want to live around others who are preparing, then write us.  

       Copyright Leland F. Freeborn 1980
See Bible Acts 2:17-19 About the Last days.

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