"The Last Train Out"

(Let's Hope you get on)

You are alive. The Prophet Joel says in the Bible: "And I (God) will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, Blood, AND Fire, AND Pillars of smoke." Joel 2:30

You know that "Pillars of smoke" look like "Mushroom Clouds."

FAMINE      COMES            

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Because war changes the normal diet, you will have to follow this plan to keep yourself well in the famine ahead. AFTER World War I the Russians had 25 million people starve to death. DURING World War II in the city of Leningrad, in January 1943, four thousand (4000) died each day of starvation. The Russians know what it means to be hungry.

We don't, even with all the Diet plans around.

"IF" you will follow this basic outline, THEN you can remain healthy.

TO BEGIN: Food in cans or packages "is ok" (IF) you be sure not to eat any of the fallout dust. WASH or peel any fruit or produce. Animals killed BEFORE they become sick are "OK" to eat. Just do not eat any "organs" like the heart, liver, etc. Eat "only" the muscle meat. MILK must be from cows fed hay, clean of "any" fallout.

Water AND Salt must be consumed on a daily basis. Without these you cannot live one week. The DIET that follows will give you 2600 calories AND 60 grams of protein daily. If you don't get enough protein, you will loose your body muscle.

Americans eat meat, milk, eggs, cheese, fish, etc. at various meals. "Combinations" of protein complement each other. In difficult times ahead that will not be possible. Learn now what foods together will have a balanced diet for you to eat to stay healthy. "IF" it is possible try to get even one (1) ounce of protein from animal sources DAILY. "Milk, eggs. Meat, cheese." (1) "Small" egg is an ounce. Most glasses are 8 ounces, so a very small amount of milk is helpful. Or canned milk, powered milk, dry milk, just eaten, with a spoon really helps.

FAT - One ounce of fat (oil) is needed to make as much energy as 2 1/2 ounces of sugar. Get some olive oil, safflower oil, salad oil, Crisco, margarine, butter, lard, corn oil, etc. for the energy you need for a normal life.

VITAMIN A - Yellow corn or cornmeal, carrots, garden greens, dried peas, OR sprouts, exposed to sunlight "UNTIL" they grow green. One (1) ounce of seed will make (4) ounces of sprouts for food. Nothing else will increase nutrition AND volume in a few days like sprouts will. Take a quart jar and 1/2 fill with water. Pour in 1/2 cup of wheat, and let the seeds soak for a day, and then rinse them every day and pour out the excess water. Rotate the jar so the seeds stick to the jar sides and put old torn panty hose or window screen over the open end. Even use a washcloth over the end, but the sprouts do have to breathe or they just mold. You can't have a lid on them. Keep the jar on its side and rotate it after you rinse the sprouts daily. AND in a few days you have nutritious sprouts. From any kind of seeds.

VITAMIN D - Needed to be able for you to absorb calcium, SO your body won't absorb the radioactive "strontium 90" in the fallout. Plants are NOT a source of "D" Dry milk, D pills, sunlight on the skin, for 1 hour daily helps. The "Lack" of vitamin D causes "Rickets" in children.

THIAMIN - Deficiency results in ''BERIBERI'' disease. Symptoms are loss of appetite, weakness in legs, AND heart failure. USE Whole wheat flour and be "OK" !

RIBOFLAVIN - "SPROUTING" seeds increases the riboflavin, Milk is the best source, whenever the milk is safe from the fallout effects.

NIACIN - Needed to combat the disease "pellagra," skin rashes, diarrhea, weakness, mental deterioration, untreated it results in death. "SOAKING" DRIED CORN AND WOOD ASHES in water together overnight, can help prevent the disease. Then rinse the corn before cooking it into mush. OR any other corn dishes you wish.

VITAMIN C - ''Ascorbic acid'' or ''vitamin C,'' is needed to prevent the disease scurvy. Also helps fight radiation sickness. Potatoes, cabbage, "C" pills, citrus fruits, sprouts, and even crushed pine needles, to make a tea like the Indians did. (But it tastes bad.)

IODINE - Especially critical at the time of "Nuclear War" because all fallout has the radioactive iodine 131 and 133 in it. That iodine will be absorbed by the thyroid gland in your neck and will result in abnormal growth of children. Kids who are not protected will probably be stunted. Adults not protected may expect a higher rate of throat cancers in 10 years. "Potassium iodide" tablets from a local drugstore is the solution. You need 130 mg daily, "AFTER" the fallout begins. OR a cheaper way is "SSKI" (saturated) 5 drops daily, when the fallout begins. Then take it for 100 days. CLICK HERE TO see about Lugols solution.

No single food is best. With any grain - it should be milled or cracked, or ground to get the outer shell broken. Even beat it with a hammer into powder. The finer the better, as whole grains pass through the digestive system too quickly, AND even cause diarrhea. We are used to foods that are too refined. For real good health.

Beans, peas, alfalfa, soybeans, etc. (Legumes) are best soaked and sprouted before cooking. This will cut your cooking time in half, and saves heat and fuel. It also greatly improves their nutrition. It usually takes us 3 or 4 days to get sprouts, above 80 degrees they grow quicker.

The BEST diet has about 70% grains and 30% legumes daily. The Indians grew corn and allowed the bean vines to climb the cornstalks. The legumes make "nitrogen" in the soil, which the corn really needs. The Indians didn't understand the science, but they could see the corn and beans together, did better than corn alone. Like men and women together, do better than alone.

If you can get the whole grains and grind them yourself the nutrition is a lot better. Often my family has fried bread, from our fresh ground wheat. Fresh fried bread with honey, UMM GOOD! Just make the dough like you would for the oven bread and then, flatten it and fry it in a skillet until brown and it is fantastic! !

MILK - A glass of milk would be great "IF" you can get it. For thousands of years the world has "eaten" their milk. Before modern refrigeration the milk was fermented to preserve it. "Fermentation" actually produces one of the safest prepared foods. WHEN milk sours an "acidic medium" is created where many "disease organisms" CANNOT LIVE. Tuberculosis, Typhoid fever, typhus, and other bacteria that can infect fresh milk are killed off AS milk ferments (sours). This way refrigeration is not necessary and the "Fine curds" are eaten as yogurt. The scriptures speak of a land of milk and honey. What that is really, is sweet yogurt. (One of my sons makes us a gallon of yogurt a day) Coarse curds are eaten as "soft Cheeses," some with honey. AND some are pressed into hard curds or hard cheese to store for a long time.

"IF" Grains, Legumes, and milk are available, with salt, fat or oil, and honey, you're in great shape OR you will be in great shape in a few months, instead of some new fad "diet."

Try this and see how fit you will be.

Grains and sprouts 1 pound daily 7 pounds weekly 350 pounds a year

Peas, beans, lintels 3 ounces daily 21 ounces weekly 68 pounds a year

Dry milk 1 ounce daily   7 ounces weekly    22 pounds a year storage

Fat (oil) any brand 1 ounce daily 7 ounces weekly 22 pounds a year

Honey 1 ounce daily      7 ounces weekly     22 pounds a year supply

Salt 1/2 ounce daily     3 1/2 oz. weekly       11 pounds a year supply

These Basics CAN keep you healthy.   Anything else you have is a plus and gives you some more variety. You will be healthier than you are today.

Some common food weights: remember 16 ounces = one (1) pound.

Whole Wheat 1 cup = 7.5 ounces

Whole Wheat flour 1 cup = 4.3 ounces

Whole Corn 1 cup = 7.0 ounces

Corn Meal 1 cup = 4.3 ounces

Pinto Beans 1 cup = 7.2 ounces

White Beans 1 cup = 6.7 ounces

Red Beans 1 cup = 7.0 ounces

Split Peas 1 cup = 7.5 ounces

Soy Beans 1 cup = 7.5 ounces

Milk 1 cup = 8.7 ounces

Rice 1 cup = 6.6 ounces

Oatmeal 1 cup = 2.8 ounces

Sugar 1 cup =7.5 ounces

Oil 1 cup = 7.8 ounces

Salt 1 cup = 7.0 ounces

Salt 1 Tablespoon = 1/2 ounce

Pearled Barley 1 cup = 7.0 ounces

Potatoes usually about 3 per pound

Most successful people will say to put your money into gold and silver. SO, what "if" you are the richest person in the lifeboat, or bombshelter, for a few weeks with nothing to eat?

Sell your stocks now, 11/9/98 because all companies will be in ruins without a profit for years to come, because they will have to rebuild. Get your food supply and be ready to move and head for the hills as soon as you hear the spirit say to you, "GO" ! IF your life is so messed up that you can't hear the warnings of Gods prophets, then you need to repent and reconsider what your priorities really are for eternity. That is forever ! You got to get your life right with God Now---- or "you gonna die soon" as they say in Watts.

 Remember that Esau was willing to trade off his eternal blessings for a bowl of bean soup because he was hungry. Do you think that he was foolish? You are not even that hungry yet, so what are you willing to trade off, for your eternal blessings? You are deciding every day what is the most important to you, God's approval or the world's approval. By the way I am just a farmboy, so can you please tell me how long is Eternity?