• Jennifer,                             OK to publish all of this letter I am writing to you.
    We can’t expect any help from any government bureaucrat. I had been trying to get a meeting with Dr. David Blodgett the new 5 county health director since Thursday December 8th. I had went down to St. George to his office and left some information about the coming nuclear attack. I called his office every day for a week. Finally he had 20 minutes to see me on Thursday the 15th. Yesterday.  Almost the first words out of his mouth were “Quote” “I know all about potassium iodide.” I had taken a one pound bottle I had purchased in 1997 for $60 dollars to show him. He said Quote “The bird flu will be worse than what you are talking about.  And radioactive iodine does not come from nuclear explosions, just from nuclear reactors, I’ve read enough to know that. And we don’t have to worry about that here in Southern Utah.”
    I said well then why did the Government pass out “Iodide” pills to school kids in all of Southern Utah during the Nevada nuclear tests?  
    just shrugged his shoulders. I said what will you do when 8 year old kids who live through this attack are 18 and still wear the same size clothes? Because their thyroid gland was destroyed by fallout?
    He shrugged his shoulders again.  He said “Well I will tell you what I can do for you. We can take your medicine and pass it out when it happens if you are right.
    We have a network in place so we can take your medicine and distribute it.  How much have you got?”
    I said I have spent several thousand dollars in the past two weeks getting it out of New York, New Jersey, and Oklahoma, and I now have enough for every person in Parowan valley. The last shipment should arrive air Freight Monday or Tuesday. How do you propose to distribute it?   
    He said “Well we will deliver it to Parowan if you want.”
    I said your car with electronic ignition probably won’t even run, because of damage from EMP.
    He said “Well I’ll get my dads old truck and deliver it.”
    So it appears that his network in place is his dad’s old truck. He or nobody else is going to be out in the fallout 2 hours after it begins knocking on doors passing out medicine. I said that I will have people in Parowan coming to me by thousands then. I am concerned about the rest of the people in Southern Utah.
    Utah government has a $100 million dollar surplus right now. Can’t you appeal to the Governor for $67,000 dollars to get medicine for St. George, Cedar City, and other communities? Let’s call him right now while I am here.
           (((Two days later
    the newspaper on the 18th. said the State Surplus is One "1" Billion $ dollars.
    So I just underestimated it about $ 900 million dollars. But no bureaucrat believes what God's prophets say.)))

    He said “No I can’t do that! The Federal Government has stockpiled emergency packs in several locations in the USA. They don’t want every community taking on the task of getting everything for themselves.”  I said BS! Everyone is waiting for someone else to take care of them, and nobody is doing anything. He said “Well that is one of the signs of the last days, that people just won’t believe. I can’t Get everyone to have a 72 hour emergency kit.”   “Besides, what you are talking about is 15-20 years down the road, the Bird flu is immediate.”  I told him that I had a hard time getting the medicine that I have on hand now. The manufacture Laboratory of  my $60 dollar bottle, only had 2 bottles in California and 5 in New Jersey on hand.
    I know of a trucking company that has trucks in Texas every day. And if he would spend the money, we can have enough medicine for all of Southern Utah here in 2 days time. When the attack begins we will get nothing.  He said “Well- well radioactive iodine is not the big worry, other things will be more important.”  
    I said yes Strontium 90 that can settle in your bones is a worry also. Everyone needs to have Calcium supplements on hand. He wrote down “Calcium.” My 20 minutes was up so he said good luck.  I left angry and mad at someone too smart to learn, and only willing to take orders from some bureaucrat above him.   So there is the story, you can call Dr. Blodgett and he can confirm what I have written you.
    Today I have a meeting with The Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower to see if he will pass out the “Radio-logical’ kits next week to the monitors here in Iron County. I am a trained monitor, as are a few others here in Iron county. We need to know the exposure rates in our county, so radio stations can broadcast exposure rates in the fallout and how long people need to stay sheltered.   Dr. Blodgett is correct about one thing. People just won’t believe, until thousands are dieing here in Southern Utah, him included. People are too smart to listen to what the prophets say. They would rather have a bunch of phonies tell them we have everything under control. We have a plan, listen to us and follow what we say. BS!  And more BS! From all of the ignorant fakes.  I am through Jennifer.  Leland Freeborn, i.e. the Parowan Prophet   
    Tell people to see my FREE Information at parowan prophet.com    Maybe some will thank you if they live.
    See this about "Potassium Iodide" that Dr. Blodgett says that knows so much about. CLICK HERE and decide for yourself. 
    Jennifer I appeal to you for any kind of help that you can muster. That is why I am sending this letter to you.
    Now 7:58 pm.    Please get to the right people to publish. You I expect.

    I watched with interest the Governor’s State of the State address. So I will be brief.
    He said: “Once again in Utah we will lead-out, rather than stand back and react.” So I am asking each reader of this letter, to you the general public to act in your own selfish behalf if you want to see our children grow up. We now have here in Parowan Valley the “Potassium Iodide” necessary to protect every person in Parowan Valley. In the town of Parowan, Summit, Paragonah, and all of the people who live scattered out in the valley along with their children. The 900 kids who go to school here will have the protection from Nuclear Fallout from Nevada and California radio-active iodine 131 and 133 when this War begins.
    The State surplus of about a Billion dollars can certainly afford to protect it’s citizens.
    But you the readers of this letter will have to make your voices heard.
    Write the Governor and tell him that you want the children and their mom’s and dad’s protected as the Government did back during those Nuclear Bomb tests in Nevada decades ago. He needs “to lead out, rather than stand back and react” when deadly fallout begins to cover all of Southern Utah as the prophets from the past have told us will happen. You will have no excuse if you don’t make some effort to contact him. He is not going to do anything to help protect you and your kids if you don’t make the personal effort to convince him. You are all on your own. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You need to get yourself protected from what we all don’t want to think about. God is not dead, he still can talk. And when you hear that Gordon B. Hinckley has died not long from now, you will have waited until it is too late to protect your family. May God inspire you to make your voices heard, I pray.”
       Leland Freeborn,  Parowan, Utah 84761-1000  435-477-xxxx  at home.  333 words


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    Dear Editor                                                                                        November 30, 2005
    Leaders today are all asleep. Both our government and religious leaders. I recently appealed to the Parowan City council to purchase “Potassium Iodide” either in pills, or liquid form as “Lugols” Solution that every Pharmacy knows about to help protect the 900 kids in school here in Parowan. During the Nevada “A bomb” testing era the Federal Government supplied those pills to protect the school kids from cancer. I don’t want to see those 900 Parowan school kids exposed to the radio-active iodine 131 and 133 in the Nuclear Fallout coming in December. About 75% of any people exposed will get cancer in 10 years. And I don’t want to have our young Parowan kids getting cancer in a decade. My request was denied. So myself and a couple of friends donated hundreds of dollars and we purchased ourselves the “Potassium Iodide” necessary to protect our town. On December 8, 2005 I am again appearing at the Parowan City Council meeting to request enough money from them to purchase 1000 glass 1 ounce bottles with eyedroppers to put the “Potassium Iodide” in, so that each kid will have some protection. The fallout from Nevada and California targets hit will cover Southern Utah for days. All of you readers are on your own. No officials are going to help you. All of the bureaucrats are waiting for someone else to make a decision about your life, and the life of your kids.  Nobody really believes what the Bible says in Acts 2: 17-19 about the last days.
    And God’s servants. So millions will soon die. Get ready. The Parowan Prophet. Com       “FREE” Information to Survive. 
                                          274 words above.
    Please help people to have some knowledge how to prepare.
       Leland Freeborn, 435-477-xxxx at home in Parowan.      xxxx had my numbers.
    Letter to SUU    Save $ 5000 Per Month   9/27/2002
    Dear Editor:                                                 
    Many of your students know of my warnings about Nuclear War for years past. The pieces of the puzzle are all now beginning to fit so that everyone can see what is about to happen. If readers will listen I can save SUU students $ 5000+ or more each month. In August I received a revelation about the coming war and some more ideas how to help more people. 5000 plus students, each can save at least $1 or more per month.
    On my web site @
    parowanprophet.com I said we would attack Iraq the first week of November or December. I called a Physics Professor at SUU Doctor Penny, and talked with him to help me understand more of my revelation about helping people during war times when the power is off. I spoke with Brent Sorensen at the SUU Observatory to get the correct Sun angles for Cedar City. Then I computed them for Parowan. Last week Dr. Penny suggested I attend a Convocation on October 3 at Southern Utah University.
    He said a Professor from BYU was going to speak on Solar power.
    Perhaps I could learn more from him to help me with the 4 Solar cookers that I have made in September. I have a cooker I made for 40 cents worth of Elmer’s glue and some cardboard boxes; and last week
    I baked a Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake in it.
    It was perfect.
    Water boils at sea level at 212 degrees. Here at 6000 feet high in Parowan @ 201 degrees because of less air pressure.  
    My cooker boils water @ 230 degrees for 3 hours in the Sunlight. You can cook almost any food in 3 hours in boiling hot water. Try it.
    Last Friday I cooked potatoes and onions just wrapped in Glad clear 'ClingWrap' plastic wrap. What great flavor! No water added at all.

    Maybe some photos and directions will be worth your interest in the future. God works in mysterious ways, he has apparently inspired this BYU Professor also how to help people. Your students need to hear him speak Thursday October 3, 2002.  

    My Vision from 1988 about a “H-bomb” hitting in Iraq that I have told people on my radio programs for years about, and millions have heard me is soon going to happen. See my web site parowanprophet.com and dozens of revelations with the life saving information ALL FREE!

    In the Bible Acts 2:17-19 it says in the last days that God will pour out his spirit on ALL flesh, young and old, male and female. And that they WILL prophesy. I am trying to warn you about the smoke and fire that it talks about that I have seen coming. I want you to live. Alta Vista search engine has my web site in eight different languages for your students native languages. Just search Parowan Prophet and choose your language. I also have information how to make a cheap food dryer on my site. Click on the “Updates” page. Do you really want to live well into the future? Then check out my Web site.   
       Leland Freeborn i.e. The Parowan Prophet

    Make yourself a good Solar Cooker CLICK HERE

    On September 10, 2001 I wrote the following letter to Newspaper Editors.
    Subsequently I got it to many papers, by copies and by email.

    Dear Editor: September 11, 2001 = 911   9/11/2001
    Many people know from my Radio programs that I have been warning about Nuclear War coming for years. 
    I am like the boy who cried wolf whenever he saw it. 
    The people became deaf to his warnings.
    Then the wolf did come to everyone's amazement.
    But the boy was not surprised because he had seen the wolf for a long time, and warned the people about him.

    Now everyone is excited about the Olympic Games coming to Salt Lake City just a few months from now. What else is coming just a few months from now? 
    Well about 450 years ago
    Nostradamus said what he had seen would happen.
    So I will quote Nostradamus's Quatrain 10: 74 for your readers:

    "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, (2001 -because the 2000 years is not finished until 2002. Because there was no year "zero." The 2000 years finish this December 31st.)
    it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves."

    People can hardly believe we are so close to the Millennium.
    I personally think we can't get past Christmas before the Red Russian Wolf is at the door. I don’t think many will believe me, but the Games at the Olympics may become the games of slaughter that he spoke about.
    Millions of deaths this winter in the USA may be remembered in future generations as the year of the Great Olympics, the Year of the games, OF Slaughter of USA.

    If your readers want to read more of Nostradamus, and dozens of other prophecies about the wolf at our door and the coming Nuclear War. The see my Web Site, with all the "FREE" Survival Information there. At:
    parowanprophet.com It's all free!
    I am trying to save your readers lives. You need them to live.
    Leland Freeborn i.e. The Parowan Prophet, 84761-1000
    Published in Newspapers in 8 Counties of Southern Utah September 20, 2001
     (4 1/2 months before the coming Olympics next February.) 

    Click Here to see some Common Sense

    Revelation Thursday September 13, 2001 in Parowan.

    My friend you have asked about the thousands that have died shortly. This is only a beginning of the misery and death of many millions.
    Those who deny the signs, hell awaits them. Those who have no repentance until death, the chastisements of hell shall they see.
    True Prophets have been sent to warn, but unbelievers and hypocrites, both men and women who deny the signs, and are deaf to my words and will not see with their eyes because of their pride and tradition shall feel the fires of hell.

    Osama Bin Laden has only been a puppet in the hands of his master.
    To do that which was in his power to do. Others who helped him to accomplish his work ye have spoken of before. I told thee before that Saddam shall soon die. Now ye can understand the reason for my wrath upon the people. They have not done as my servant Moses commanded. So the words of Obadiah, Joel, and Esdras are now coming to fulfillment.

    I have said before that Zion must become very terrible to those who deny mine words. Fire upon Babylon must come. The works of Satan must be burned and destroyed. I have said before to let the wheat and tares grow together until the time of the harvest. That day has now come. The reapers will harvest the earth of the tares as the field is burned.

    I know who has obeyed, I see all. There is no place to hide. Have no fear of my wrath if ye are in my service. If ye have done all that is within your own power to do. But if ye can read mine servant's words and ye scoff at my commands, expect to see the fires of hell that ye have chosen thyself.

    Mine true Apostles have warned through the ages that this was coming. No one needs to be surprised. They have the books of warnings. But they will not read; they chase after the things that perish.
    And lay not up riches in heaven, but desire more than their daily needs.

    The people will unite in their wrath because of those dead. Yet mine angels are united in their wrath, and the blood of saints cries from the earth for vengeance upon the unbelievers even now, these many ages.

    I have said the day has come. Repent O ye people, before death takes you into hell forevermore. Those who have no repentance until death shall have grievous chastisements. Say to the unbelievers, you shall be driven into hell. I excuse myself not. Mine servants have spoken so plainly.
    Ye can read their words. Amen. 9/ 13/ 2001 2 PM 

    Dear Readers,                     January 6, 1999

    I don't know why things are not happening as I saw them happen. People are sending me Emails, some glad, some nasty, some say I am a false prophet. That’s great if it would never happen, I will be glad to take the blame. Some say, I am full of dung! They would rather listen to someone who has nothing to say about the attack. I simply tell them not to click on my pages. I am not forcing them to hear me. They don't seem to notice that my pages are FULL of "Quotes." OF People the hypocrites say they would listen to. I am careful to try and always give the references so I hope they will study more. People who have read a little and then make "Bumper Sticker" judgments, they won't make the effort to see everything.

    So I have heard, some people get madder the more they see. Like Nephi said: "the guilty taketh the truth to be hard, FOR it cutteth them to the very center." 
    1 Nephi 16:2 WHEN you look it up
    read verse 3 also.

    IF people don't want to be warned OK, just stay away. Most people will not believe the prophets UNTIL it is to late for them, I realize that. It has always been that way. Call me anything you want. I have been called a racist because I believe what Jesus said in Matthew 10:5-6 I have been called a woman hater even when I said on one of my pages "That IF God made anything finer than a good woman, he is keeping it a secret to himself." I love women. I really think they are great. BUT there are some bad ones too! JUST like the men. They don't Notice what Isaiah said. CLICK HERE Isaiah's words.

    I suppose we who are alive another year will look back and see where my warnings have come true. We could have the last laugh IF it was not so sad. So many people too smart to learn anything new. Bound to tradition right to their death. John the Revelator said 16:8-11 men repented not when the plagues came.

    So you readers need to just do what is right and let the consequences follow. I have emails from all over the world. People tell me they are afraid of the persecution if they tell people about me. Would they just stand up for the truth. I have put my mistakes up on the web where everyone can see them. The way to never be wrong is to never say anything. So what?   I still have a real friend in God. Which one of you has to go into the Lions den for the truth? What kind of courage do you have. See Luke 14:26 in the Bible that you hypocrites say that you believe. Anonymous emails that cuss me and threaten me, so what. Read my site, I said Jesus told me that my blood would be shed, and he gave me a promise and blessing. So rave on you hypocrites. I shall enjoy the time left until some idiot buys my ticket out of here and pays the price for eternity. I shall warn people as long as I can. Bless you all out there who are humble enough to forgive me that the attack didn't happen yet. Maybe there is someone you can still save. I will keep this site up as long as I can. IF YOU have the courage to see some of the other Apostles false prophecies then see the BLUE BAR LINK Permission from Heaven, and read the bottom 6 inches. OR CLICK HERE to get there quick.

    Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor for December 1998

    Dear Editor,

    Many people say they believe the Bible, so I will show them a couple of scriptures that prophets saw about the future. It has been 7 years since the "Breakup" of the Soviet Union so I will Quote Daniel 7:7 "After this I saw in the night visions, (dreams) and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; (USSR) and it had great iron teeth: (iron curtain) it devoured (communism) and "Break" in pieces, (in 1991) and stamped the residue." John the Revelator said he saw a beast (the same beast) that: "And I saw one of his (beast's) heads as it were wounded to death; ("Breakup" of the USSR) AND his deadly wound was healed: (communism will be back) and all the world wondered after the beast. (How could Russia attack the USA?)" People don't understand or want to believe God's prophets, but God knows what HIStory will be. When the USA kills Saddam Hussein after the 15th. as I have foretold March 29, 1997 the Islamic World of hundreds of millions will say to attack the "Great Satan" as they call the USA. Yevgeni Primakvo the Russian Prime Minister (a hard line communist) AND personal friend of Saddam Hussein, will with Boris Yeltsin say "OK" go ahead and NUKE the Great Satan, the USA. That night "near" Christmas hundreds of USA Cities will get NUKED and Millions will die. Our military is weak now, and people are busy having fun and making money. Nobody wants to listen to God or his prophets. Millions who did hear of my warnings; say, "well we will just wait and see if he is right." They procrastinate away their own lives. What a shame that so many people think they have to depend on one man to warn them. They deserve what they get, they live like the devil and can't hear God's voice. Maybe some will repent and re-think their priorities, I hope so, tell your readers to see the FREE Nuclear War Survival Information at www.parowanprophet.com and prepare to live another year. OR they will have eternal regrets. The Parowan Prophet of Parowan Utah. 84761-1000

    CLICK HERE to see about Saddam's death, and Hinckley too.

    Letters to the Editor For November 1998

    Letters To the Editor,

       If anyone wants to live another year, they should not ignore the facts. Russia has had the worst crops in "Forty" (40) years. Ten years ago they had 121 million heads of cattle and 147 million sheep. Today they have 39 million cattle and 25 million sheep. They have killed and eaten those cattle and sheep to the point that today in 1998 they only have not much more than breeding stock left.  CLICK HERE to see Russia is coming for Cattle.

       We here in the USA now have 103 million cattle and 58 million sheep. And plenty of meat and food to eat. This year we have had bumper crops, and because of the Asian monetary problems they have not bought our grain, and we have mountains of grain not even stored inside in tanks. But just stacked in huge piles outside. Millions of bushels, and tons.

       So sometime near Christmas time the old Hard line Russian Military that has not been paid in months is going to say enough is enough, our people are hungry, lets go get some food in the USA. They have eleven time zones to rule a country 21/2 times the size of the USA. I say sometime near Christmas because I have not been told the date yet.         But I can tell you how it looks.

       Snow is on the ground here in Utah; and the Christmas decorations are up on Main Street. It is a very short day and long night then another short day. It is evening time, a couple or 3 hours after sundown, and people are still out shopping, so it is before the stores close at night. The power goes off everywhere, no electricity at all. Everything dark. People find their way out of the stores to the parking lots. Some cars won't start so people can get home from shopping. Then flashes of horrible bright light appear on the horizon, the noise, the wind, the mushroom clouds and Nuclear War has begun.

       I don't know, perhaps they were shopping at the after Christmas sales, the days are still very short until January and most Christmas decorations are still up. Millions will die because they don't know how to prepare for the war coming soon. SO I have put up on the Internet some Survival Information on my web page at www.parowanprophet.com to try and help save some lives. See it soon if they want to live another year.   Bless you all.  Leland Freeborn,  The Parowan Prophet,                        P.O. Box 1000,   Parowan. Utah 84761-1000

    Letters to the Editor For October 1998

    Dear Editor,

    People realize that at the year 2000 Great Changes should take place. We are at the end of time. HIStory has shown that people are slow to believe a prophet from God. Before the year 2000 is here, there is to be a terrible war that kills millions in the USA.

    I crashed in my own airplane while flying back from one of my farms in another county. I was in a "coma" for three weeks and did see the Nuclear War to come. I have a dozen children like the old time prophets. Because of what I learned about Nuclear War, I have put a web page on the internet web with some survival information on it. Not everyone will die, some can, and will prepare to live well. It is not the end of the world, but another World War. We have over one thousand years of the millennium to go before the end. But this war will prepare the nations for the return of Jesus Christ in his second coming. Only a couple more months are left before the surprise attack on the USA, when snow is on the ground and Christmas lights are up.

    So tell me what good is a watchdog that can’t bark? And I am warning you now in time for you to prepare to survive. Acts 2:17-19 in the Bible tells of these last days. So if you want to live, see my new web page at www.parowanprophet.com on the internet and learn the signs of the times and how to prepare. I have some of my visions of the attack on the web, and other prophets too. A vision of Diana’s death 442 years ago. Put away your traditions and learn to live and prepare, at my web page at www.parowanprophet.com Bless you, do it now and get prepared. God said it will happen.

    Leland Freeborn ie The Parowan Prophet Box 1000, Parowan, Utah. 84761-1000 .

    Letters to the Editor for September 1998

    Dear Editor,

       Most of your readers probably say they believe the Bible. So I want to tell them of the fulfillment of Acts 2:17-19 in their Bibles. I’ll just tell you of a dream, and let you decide. I was in the Supermarket getting into the checkout line.

       The Lady in front of me was pregnant, and she was HUGE! I said, it looks like you will have twins, when are you due? She said, not twins, BUT quadruplicates. Just then was her turn to check out, and she could not get through the checkout aisle. I said I’ll push your cart through for you. She said thanks, and walked around all the checkout stands to the other side and paid. We resumed our conversation then, and I said WOW, when are you due? She said I am 10 Months now, so you tell me. I paid my bill, and I helped her outside where the snow was on the ground. The parking lot was all decorated up with Christmas decorations, and some Christmas trees were off to one side. It was a couple of hours after sundown, so it was dark beyond the parking lot.

        Just then as we walked, it was brighter than noonday. I could not see a thing. I had flash blindness like a photo flashbulb in my face. Then we heard the most huge, loud, horrible explosion. It seemed to be a block away. I turned and saw a mushroom cloud rising up about 20 miles away. And then the wind began to blow hard. The people in the store were then coming outside because the store was dark, the power was all off. The city was all dark, but for the ONE and only, huge fireball rising in the sky. Everyone could see the huge mushroom cloud expanding out over our heads. It must have been going a hundred miles per hour, as it expanded out over us. Some people were hollering, and screaming. Others dropped their groceries and just ran to their cars. Nobody was moving though, the cars would not start. Then some people dropped to their knees in the snow and began to pray. But it was too late. Things were happening beyond their control.

        The Lady screamed like she was in labor, and I woke up. Scared! I remember the Apostle Paul had a vision also in  1 Thessalonians 5:3 of the sudden destruction.

       So I tell your readers now, like I am telling the millions of people who hear me on my Radio programs. They need to see the New Internet Web page that I have with some Nuclear War Survival Information on it. And prepare yourself. Get on the Internet, Web at www.parowanprophet.com We only have a few months left.

    That is "if" you believe in the Bible; Acts 2:17-19

    See my page about Diana’s Death foretold. Diana’s Death foretold. wwwparowanprophet.com

    Leland Freeborn ie. The Parowan Prophet   Box 1000, Parowan, Utah. 84761-1000 USA.