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Dig yourself a hole now, OR be buried in one 6 feet deep permanently.

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December 15, 2012  Tyler's Shelter made in one day, TWO men in 10 1/2 hours = 21 hours total time.  He loves and protects his family. Do You?   

  Photo's with my cell Phone, NO flash in the basement. Concrete side walls of the  basement. Made in a basement corner. Cost wood lumber  $153 and Bags $94 + Hard Labor 10 1/2  hours 2 men = 21 total.. Dirt  IS FREE.  Now a family of 4 is safe. This will STOP Deer Rifle Bullets. OR Gamma Rays in the Fallout, that falls on the roof of his home.    4 X 8 = 32 square space to live and sleep. 4 feet high. Until it is safe. What is a family worth? Set water and food at entrance, get it in seconds. Gamma Rays don't hurt food or water. Only living, breathing people. Yard DIRT, 130 bags from by the garden. Across from me is the entrance. By the concrets wall in the corner. Stand up going in. The Average household spends $854 on Christmas  AND  Nothing for protection. This Shelter cost was $247  AND a Funeral is $6839 latest figures available.        WHICH do you want to buy?  
   Protect your Family from Radioactive Iodine 131 and 133 in ALL Fallout. Get the Potassium Iodide now.
Do NOT get Cancer in 10 years. Very BAD for children. Be Protected for cents PER DAY when Fallout begins. 
  Video of Prophet
If you are a single person, OR student you should buy 30 SACKS that you can make sandbags with backyard dirt. With sandbag "Twine" you can get it all for less than $1 dollar each. =$30 dollars THEN when fallout comes you can put the sacks in two rows so you can sleep between them. Put them stacked 2 or 3 bags high and across each end. Then put the kitchen table upside down on top and cover it with sandbags. Then crawl into your hole and stay as long as you can.
When you have to pee, get out, do your business quick, and get back into your shelter. Put your shelter in the center of the house, NOT by an outside wall. Have as much roof distance over you as possible. Because as Geometric Distance will help shield you. As distance doubles, the radiation quarters. But few people can find the center of a 100 foot room with an 8 story ceiling. Is your life worth $30 Dollars. The thing that can help protect you is dirt, plain old backyard dirt. The "Gamma Rays" in the "Fallout" are absorbed by the clay particles in the dirt as they rush to kill you. Pure sand will NOT help. YARD soil, has clay in it. You need 2 feet of dirt around you OR you may be under 6 feet of dirt for good. I don't think you want that. So get ready now. 
         Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
         BECAUSE thou hast rejected knowledge, 
         I (God) will also reject thee."


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