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Shelter F= Fallout, V= Visions,   P= Prophecy, W=Water, X= Excommunicate,  Keys, letters that have no reasonable reason for their existence. I will use them for some "goofy" stuff. Maybe  very important though, to see.  IF you only know one word of an idea you are looking for then "CLICK HERE" on my SEARCH SITE ON THE HOME PAGE.  Computers that cannot read JAVA script, below the active  mushroom cloud, everything listed on my Home Page is in this index. CNN Video-Taped me in an interview for a few minutes April 13, and asked questions I answered. And God said: "As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked." Ezekiel 33:11 So will people be warned? 

L.A. Times story 12/13/2008,0,2231803.story     Millions now know of it , and won't prepare. So they have to die.
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  You Must see this-- 
  This Black Man Speaks the truth Amen. CLICK HERE  I love the TRUTH   

A   READ THIS FIRST  CLICK GO  America Fellow Americans Spring Attack  2/24/13 I hope you find a basement shelter before April 25 when the "True" Passover begins.   Afghanistan War    ALL is Well in Zion    
Information here

  Ages Ago   UpDates Today    A Time To Remember      Meet the Prophet   February 10, 2003 Revelation    Signs Coming      So What do you think?   One lone man sent by God = Abinadi
B. --One Megaton Bomb--By the Law we Sin--Do you know what to believe?--Be Perfect  Bias 
Boom Proof   Believe     Billboard Sign on I-15 Freeway  War WAR war coming.  Bees  
Mark of Beast BLACK CRIME  BYU Dance   Part 10
C. July 15,1997 Revelation-The "Peacemaker" Calling & Election    To laugh this off! 
  Confusion More about Cain Prophets said about Cain Judah spoke of Cain
   About Blacks   More Here about Blacks    Dogs   God is NOT Dead 
  The Origin of Christmas    Christmas Noise  Corn & Cattle  WHY Confusion   Called as Moses
D.   Power Drying Food  --Diana--Traditions celebrate Nimrod's birthday -  No Rapture---What time is it? - December 1998 What IF Noah did not build the Ark ---Documents List      December 2012 Warning to the People GO
E. EMP Electromagnetic Pulse---Eloheim---Eternal Marriage---Elijah has come-- Email Me-    PO Box 1000,  Parowan, Ut. 84761-1000 Eloheim  
   The Elect HEAR   
Excommunication from the Church  A Few Revelations 
foretold our days      EXCUSES
F. Fallout and Maps, Targets--- Famine Comes Soon
Salt Lake City Target
---Traditions Kill People---Traditions Damn People-   Flyer and Document List of some revelations Fallout Map    False Apostles & Prophets?  Pride, Hypocrisy,   Un-belief kills millions     Facts Won't Matter -about O.J. Simpson       Faith of a Testimony     Find the Truth   Feast Timing Revelation 2007 =AND 2013 also  
   FOOD God has power  Solar Cooker    Funeral of Santa   Faith    Fight
G.   God & Signs, Why did God- -Liars say the Bible is True- -God is NOT Dead  - -Proof Means Nothing-  - -   God is Very Patient    More Proof---     Great Day of the Lord---     Why the Wrath of God-   See Racist -           -God Is A Racist
   Trumpets & Tents          What TIME is it? Really?     What is Genuine?       GAZA
H. Hell is full of Heathens-All is Well-         -  -Pay Attention-  -  - Eternity for the Vain Heathens---Hypocrites Don't want to know.      Hurrah-Hurray   HOT Nukes  LDS "TREE"  
  Hinckley & Saddam Die soon    I Wrote to AVOW 3/11/2009  Heathen's "TREE" USA 
I. Israel in the USA   Israel is White- Israel --Israel's Great $ Seal  --Israel is Chosen---Israel Discrimination---We Will Need Good Militias---Israel or Judah Live OR Die
Map of Migrations-   What is Genuine-   Interesting FACTS
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25   IF?   26   27  28  29  30        Isaiah SAID
J. Just WHO Were these Prophets, Mighty & Strong, Sheep and Goats, A Little Salt, Revelation May "97" hit GO-Go-GO---Joseph Smith's Teachings HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE       Mormons Don't Believe  
    Prophets WERE WHAT kind of men?   
Prophets DINNER TALK        
K.  KEYS --- Keys,  --- Authority and TRUE Priesthood---A Prophet and Priesthood---Excuses---What a Shame---WHY Procrastination?---Find the Truth---False Prophets Galore--- Traditions Damn People---Can You Read?----Prophets do people believe?--- Hypocrites don't want to know---God is not dead---OUR Beginning--What went Wrong  What was Foretold     A Secret   ALL is Well in Zion       3:15AM      
L. Laugh this OFF   WHY DIE SOON?---LUGOLS SOLUTION--- Why the Wrath of God    Priority List-  
 LAST OF THE LAST DAYS   Last DREAM  -Letters to Editors--- The Lord's Parable     Leaders    Lucky Mormons    Incredible as it seems   LUCY     Last Minute Preparations   So who kills the Lawyers?          
  LOVE                Law of Moses
M. Missiles, Specs, Maps Miserable   Millions of People  Man like Moses   Milk and Honey    Mother Shipton  Russian Missiles Ready-  -Polygamy & Mormons      More Proof  Migration Maps
 See Mike Blow Was Foretold by Joseph Smith   Mormon Christmas Tree   Mormon said
N. Nuclear Attack Psychological Effects--November 1998--  Nuclear War      New MOONS to see GO
O. Open YOUR EYES ---New Delhi--- Orem story  Once Upon a Time  #1   #2   #3   #4    The Obvious
One In A Million
 P. Prophecies,-Prophecy Delayed -- Nostradamus, Mormons, -Mother Shipton   Muhammad, Enoch,-- Judah,--- Evans,--- Taylor,---Last of the Last Days---WHEN---To laugh this off---Permission from Heaven  Prophecy WHAT was Foretold  The Peacemaker 
Prophets WERE WHAT? Prophets Dinner Talk  POPE    Pay Attention  
Letter to Don  ALL is Well in Zion Spencer W. Kimball's Peace-Peace  2017 PASSOVER    Proof     Better too early  Photo 450 Baal's Prophets   Prostitutes and Prophecy    Polygamy Links   Prophecy
Q. Questions and Answers ? Photo's Pictures of Gods Country           Panic Button Last "Will" Quran 1  2  3  4  5  To you the People   
R.  Radiation Sickness---   Click ALL RELATED    TOPICS  IF YOU WANT TO LIVE--
     11/29/09 Revelation      RUSSIA       Revelation October 4, 2010
Millions Disagree Now  Part 2 Now

A few Revelations here   No Rapture for FOOLS  Revelations   Members Revelations
S. Shelters and Plans for Home Survival Click GO  Saddam and Snow    So Explain This    Symbols  Sickle        Dig a hole for Shelter OR be buried in one 6 feet deep, for good. See Mike Blow   Panic Button    Smoot Truth about Church hypocrisy. Seven Months Left     Statue of Liberty  LDS SLAVES    Soon BURNS  SOLAR Cooking     So Who is to Blame?  Salvation
   Saddam Found  A Secret for Good Mormons      SHELTERS
T.   Targets   Tell me Where are the Tares   Traditions Kill People The Test for you        = Thyroid Blocking Help.  
CLICK HERE    for protection.     TRUMP
TPJS Quotes      To you the People  TABERNACLES 2013
Feast of Tabernacles 16      THANKSGIVING 2008 Photos and Message     Testimony of Sam    LDS MORMON Christmas TREE         USA Christmas TREE 
U. Unless you want to die in WORLD WAR III, you need Lugols Solution, The Last Train Out click GO UTube April 1 2009 GO
V. Visions---About to happen --Amanda Wilcox Story---John Taylor Vision Prophecy fulfilled SOON  ---2500 year old Prophecy--- --Permission from heaven---The Last Dream - - -White Horse Vision---Iraq HIT by "H" Bomb---click GO---The Test---Cardston Vision---George Washington's Vision--- Fallout-Vision-- Mosiah Hancock Vision   Saddam & Hinckley   Erickson Revelation     Cedar City Vision  
Video of National Geographic Channel Promo April 2012      BLOODSHED 
W. Water, Water Filter---What was Foretold--What Women Want ----World Economics---  Who is Destined                                                        Why
George Washington's
Vision  WHO Believes      Where am I at?   Why the FIRE in December? Why the War? What is the Reason  War in December    WAR in Syria
   GO ! !
X. EXCOMMUNICATION---Hypocrites don't want to know- GO
Y. You  could be Polygamous---  Letter to Don---A Special Group of People----Eternal Marriage--Smoot TRUTH   See the Polygamy Links above @ "P"  You are a Procrastinator GO
Z. What will happen WHEN the attack begins.  The SCENARIO---Eternity for the Vain Heathen --Christ mas--    ZEER POTS             The LDS cannot have Zion  

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